"The Motocross Files" (Season 4) "1981 MXdN Film"

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10/29/2019 5:04 PM


I hope everyone is well. I thought I'd let everyone know we are working on getting a fourth and perhaps last season of "The Motocross Files" produced and on TV for late 2020 or 2021. We hope to have it on one of the major sports cable networks as well as streaming/online services as well.

I'm sure you can imagine the some of the great champions that are "on the list". Shhhh!

As you may or may not know these take a ton of time and some real funds to produce with all the interviews, traveling, etc. plus the quality of the production and post-production you all have come to appreciate and expect. The industry is very challenging right now for budgets on what we do. These types of projects are not a priority for many moto companies these days.

We have had some starts and stops from potential sponsors on our 1981 MXdN film that is still in the hopper and we plan on having that ready for the 40th Anniversary of Team USA's first win in 2021.

What I'd like to put out there is if there are any of you who work, own, etc. any companies that would be interested in being part of any of these projects. Please PM me.

Thank you all for the past support and we look forward to getting these projects to the finish line for you all.



Also, just curious as another possible way to get these shows and films produced:

Would you pay a monthly subscription fee to have access to new, original stories and films like "The Motocross Files" and "1981" and what might that be?

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10/29/2019 9:20 PM

Thank you for all your work!


10/30/2019 2:30 AM

I'd like to be able to buy from you the subsequent seasons of the MX Files in Boxed sets. You only offer the first season in both individual riders DVDs, and a boxed set.

What I'm saying is : Take My Money, Please, for your later productions. I've bought nearly all of your products, - Season One, twice.


10/30/2019 3:19 AM

I also would buy a boxed set.


10/30/2019 3:39 AM

Excellent to hear! Take my money!!


10/30/2019 5:32 AM

That would be awesome to see and hear the stories from the Champs and legends!


Always was an excellent rider ...... at crashing usually

Moto Aspes, you know you want one

10/30/2019 6:06 AM

Good guys to contact for 1981 MX and Trophe De Nations, would be journalists Jack Burnicle and Luc Verbekke.