The Beast 1989 Florida SX

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2/25/2018 6:53 AM

Love this race highlight


2/25/2018 2:08 PM

Thanks for posting. Track was great for racing, Bradshaw crashed several times and got back up and still won.

Seely crashed once and is out for the year...


2/25/2018 3:55 PM

Thanks for posting, is it me or is the filming sped up, the racing seems more intense back then?
It might just seem faster because they seemed to keep the jumping lower ?
I think i prefer this type of supercross.


2/25/2018 5:37 PM

My favorite race of all the time.


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2/25/2018 6:26 PM

Great vid, thanks for the share. Looked like they wore more protection compared to what is worn now.


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