TexPlex - Anyone Been?

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2/27/2018 10:51 AM

RAD being the absolute best movie of all time (sorry not sorry), I'm thinking of making a trip this summer to TexPlex for the Helltrack Replica Weekend. The videos on YouTube I watch of this facility make lookout to be pretty damn cool. Curious as to everyone's first hand thoughts on the place? I'd obviously bring my MTB/DJ/BMX bicycles with...curious if I should figure out a way to bring the ole FC450 with me as well or not?


2/27/2018 11:22 AM

My parents live in the area and I've made a swing by during a visit. The idea and scope of the place is awesome. Everything is for rent so you really don't have to bring your bike. The MTB stuff is pretty neat with a variety of trails, pump tracks, jump sections, and man-made wooden obstacles. Moto is kind of the opposite. The land overall is stupid flat, trails are super wide because they also accommodate UTVs and SxS, and the MX track itself is very simple. It gets dusty, hard, blue grooved, and generally not awesome when you consider how close you are to legit MX tracks in the area.


2/27/2018 11:33 AM

It's not worth the money. For the same price you can go to better tracks in the area that focus solely on MX. IMO they focus mainly on the bicycle stuff and the "off road" stuff is there to take people's money who want a place to go that's close (mainly SxS and UTV's who don't want to drive to Red River, which is now overrun with those fucking things destroying the trails and parking in the trail around blind corners).


2/27/2018 1:26 PM

The mx track is horrible i think. The dirt is awful just clumps of black dirt tilled deep and the layout and jumps just suck.. The moto trails are pretty good. If you want to ride moto there are way better tracks within 30 mins to an hour away.