Team USA: Where do we go from Here

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10/8/2018 9:58 AM

bsharkey wrote:

You can't fix what we have here in American motocross. Amateur Riders are getting paid better than are getting ...more

To be fair - it probably has a lot to do with the cost of new bikes...

When they were $5k new, it was much more reasonable than $10k! Then to go out and bash it up... it costs a boatload!


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10/8/2018 10:01 AM

Where does the US go? Next year, include Covington and Osborne -- guys who know how to mix it up with the GP riders. Still won't win, but those guys will fight.


10/8/2018 10:06 AM

I honestly fell like the riders lack alot of heart, I know people will say I am a idiot, whatever. I bet Eli, Barcia, and AP have people in their corners all saying, hey MEC is next week, SX starts in a few months. That pays their bills. There was a time in our moto that guys like RJ, Wardy, Bailey, Leichien, 6 time, RC, Fro, Hughes, Henry, Stew, RV, Hannah, O'mara would have died trying instead of letting Euros come to our track and beat us. Euros have nationalistic pride, and thats good, something this country has been lacking for some time, not just in the moto sense.


10/8/2018 10:24 AM

It will be very unlikely for Team USA to ever win the MX of Nations again. Our time has passed and our sport has changed as has the riders focus on outdoors. It's over, that's all folks! We may get lucky at some point but to expect the US to win is nonsense.


10/8/2018 10:42 AM

Put your best foot forward! No matter who the riders are they need to commit to racing and training all the way to the MXDN, Taking several weeks off then testing new bikes and never racing for 6 weeks clearly didn't work for starts, bikes, and riders. (Roczen looked terrible too) I can see taking a week off but then train, maybe go race a couple GP's and be fresh for the MXDN.


10/8/2018 10:48 AM

Funny how the mx2 guys got starts...

I think our guys put so much onus on getting a good start but then they just arent very good starters. Its weird, no explanation. At the end of the day, Herlings got crappy starts and his speed got him to the front. Our guys have no excuse, they just were not fast enough this week or the last few years at MXDN.


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10/8/2018 10:51 AM

VRR7 wrote:

Remember when Chad Watt's came to the GNCC series from the WEC and won a lot. When he went back to the WEC he was way off pace ...more

Chad Watts? I hope that was a typo, do you realize that since Shane watts, Juha and David Knight days, many other World Enduro riders have came over with no success, lame reasoning bud.


10/8/2018 10:54 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/8/2018 10:56 AM

twizzler wrote:

It will be very unlikely for Team USA to ever win the MX of Nations again. Our time has passed and our sport has changed as ...more

We have turned our country into "Supercross Only".
The only way I can think to ever be competitive again would to have top American riders competing in the entire MXGP series. And even at that it would probably take a few years at best.


10/8/2018 10:57 AM

You need to find two new Ryans



10/8/2018 11:03 AM

Sideways wrote:

It feels like you guys and to some point the american riders have given up. Every other riders steps it up at mxon, the US ...more

It would be sad . If they don't send a team next year I'd be more disappointed than I was in yesterday's result. I'd rather they send any team they can no matter where they finish.


10/8/2018 11:29 AM

olds cool wrote:

All I know is today was a MONSTER disappointment.

NorCal 50+ wrote:

Was Monster there? I Photo didn't notice.

Didn't mean the event itself was not a success. By all accounts, it looks like it was. Our riders that they sponsor though, not so much. Pun much? Next time I'll draw a picture.


10/8/2018 11:43 AM


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10/8/2018 11:44 AM

I just wonder what impact risk-reward calculus has on performance. I don't know what the bonus structure is for AMA pros riding this race is compared to the FIM guys. I'd guess it's not as much. Maybe by a lot. If so, couple that with scheduling just ahead of a big money MEC, and you have to wonder how willing our guys are to hang everything out on the edge and possibly take themselves off of the MEC gate. Just a thought.


10/8/2018 12:16 PM

JWACK wrote:

I would love to see a USA based MXGP team.

This is what it's going to take.

The world has moved on, the standard is getting stronger & if your team is not on the international circuit your always going to be at a massive disadvantage.


10/8/2018 2:09 PM

Yeah, the mxon is important but it doesn’t really matter.


10/8/2018 3:09 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/8/2018 3:12 PM

twizzler wrote:

It will be very unlikely for Team USA to ever win the MX of Nations again. Our time has passed and our sport has changed as ...more

Your time will come again just like it once again did for europe but not before shit have changed in AMA and they need to get their fucking priorities straight and realize that its completly retarded that sx is bigger than mx wich also is a bit disrespectful to all of our roots. Even tho it sounds bad in some ppls ears they need to make the sx season shorter and make the nats longer with more different types of tracks included like deep sand tracks, narrow and tech tracks etc to get better at it and try to find the drive to be the best MXer out there.

I know this will probably never happen because not even the the ama riders would put a national motocross title before a world championship supercross title. I mean it is as clear as the day that most american fans believes that mx and sx is the same thing more or less but it isnt and so on but there are reasons to why AMA supercross have been a F.I.M world championship for a long time and that is because being a world champion regardless of what sport u practice in is a way higher honour than being a national champion and with sx being a combined F.i.m and AMA championship they should really consider trying to get mxgp and sx to not overlap and maybe shorten down both so american riders could compete in both IF they want to take the risk and rewards of racing sx. This Will probably not happen in a long time if ever, but i wouldnt be surprised to see american future stars choosing mxgp before the AMA after seeing the level in europe and with them knowing how some no name american riders have gone over to mxgp and gone back to end up at the top in america like zacho etc. Wouldnt be to surprised to see an american team in the gp's in the future either even tho i doubt they would be based out of usa.


10/8/2018 3:20 PM

It will be interesting to see how Covington does next year. We've seen in the past from Brown and Osborne that they can head over to race with the best in the GPs and then come back and being immediate threats for championships. I remember watching Brown's first supercross back at Indy against Pastrana and he was on rails around the corners and carrying so much speed.

I do think track prep and training on really rough tracks help out tremendously with being able to stay floating in the corners rather than digging into them. They have it down over there and we see glimpses of it from Eli when he's firing on all cylinders.


10/8/2018 4:18 PM

Have we won a des nation since monster cup started? It might just be coincidence.


10/8/2018 5:34 PM

I'm proud of our men, I'm convinced they tried as hard as they could considering the shit show the rain made it...( no ones fault)....At a race they can only be admired for racing because there's no money to be made...(and these professionals are all in their prime money making years)..

If they do ANYTHING but dominate, they probably have to endure endless jabs from assholes that couldn't come close to carrying their jockstrap, and have no idea what digging deep and taking chances at that levels even means.

No compensation

chance of life changing injury

Endless rivers of shit from people if you don't do exactly what they think you should.

Only if you win are you granted high fives and handshakes, any less and you get pure hell from idiots.

I really don't know why these men would even entertain doing this race, except for patriotism and a will to beat all comers I guess.

Plessenger could have put an end to his promising career on that rutted uphill triple at a race he wasn't contracted to do.

We got beat......big fucking deal......Our three warriors are still bad MOFO's on dirt bikes. They just need to go home a prepare for the next meeting. That and Herlings is a freak of nature..... Barcia, Tomac, and Plessenger all know how to ride a motorcycle wide fucking open...


10/8/2018 5:42 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/8/2018 5:47 PM

All this talk about herlings and I’m just over here like did that Prado kid really just lead half of that moto on a 250f and finish second?? In ThE mUd!!?

The Americans have been in trouble for a few years now But after this showing there is definetly a lot of work to do between now and next year or else we will dwindle away as the country that was once dominant and now mediocre


10/8/2018 5:45 PM

We're probably lucky Gajser and TKO weren't there. It may have looked worse.


10/8/2018 5:52 PM

USA will have a shot at ernee in 2020, no shot at assen imo


10/8/2018 6:54 PM

I've been watching MXGP religiously since the year before RV went over there. It was the AC show and everyone was racing for 2nd, from watching them on the broadcast it was night and day between years. True I wasn't there but you can tell the difference from watching video. The year before RV they were all racing for second the way the riders here were racing for second during the MC and RC eras. Even on days they weren't the best they still won many times. It's like the threat of RV wiping the floor with them pushed them that last little bit. When RV showed up not the full win at all costs RV of previous years I think everyone got the boost of confidence that pushed them to not let AC run away with it. It's possible they were already better than our guys but just didn't know it. The USA has the handful of riders near the top level outdoors but honestly below the top 5 or so the rest of the GP field would lap the rest of our field. USA is a SX country and I don't see it changing. Bottom line RVs fault.


10/8/2018 8:13 PM

just let your guys race real mx tracks during summer. i have watched the nationals on tv since 93 or 94 until now. just watch how hangtown or unadilla evolved from then. guess that should explain it.


10/8/2018 8:47 PM

From the recycling bin:

The US Motocross of Nations team has just returned from a trip to an orphanage in Zimbabwe.
"It was a great chance to meet such underprivileged people with very little hope in life" said Alfred Mgongo, aged 6.


10/8/2018 9:01 PM

PVB wrote:

I believe Danny Laporte was the exception - he won the 1982 250 World Championship in his first year trying.


10/8/2018 9:08 PM

lumpy790 wrote:

Pitting the riders as a team and NOT spreading them all around the pits in different rigs might help riders focus and team ...more

Still don’t get why our guys can’t freakin put under one tent... doesn’t every other team pit under one tent?


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10/8/2018 9:40 PM

Racing only 12 outdoor races per year as opposed to 18-20 in Europe, not including their own country national
championships, is a difficult hurdle to overcome at this point. Team USA can't sit around for 6 weeks without a gate drop and expect to win. If they really wan to win there is going to have to be a hard look in the mirror followed by substantial change.


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10/8/2018 10:21 PM

I don’t get it, it was a friggon mud race and we got bad starts and everyone cries? Have the mxon come to HANGTOWN and let’s see these Euros touch Tomac


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10/8/2018 10:32 PM

You can't have your cake and eat it too. If the usa wants to focus more on sx than mx just get rid of the outdoor nationals since the top riders can't win against the top MXGP World Championship riders. Stop going to the MXdN. Nothing wrong with that. Nobody will notice.