Team Green apology

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1/6/2018 7:43 AM

just want to sack up and apologize to team green, I said a few months ago Reedy would not spend his own cash to race anymore.........I've got a nice big black crow on the smoker right now.....cheers and hope he makes it through the night!!blush blush


1/6/2018 7:47 AM

Manny doesn't hold grudges, he's good like that.


1/6/2018 8:02 AM

Maui-cuz, I'd say "I told ya so"; but, it would just bite me in the ass.

I'm pretty damn sure we've all enjoyed the press conference and Chad's interview. I'm also guessing that there ain't a dude in h'yar that would have a problem with Chad having a good night.

It's gonna be Happy New Year, indeed.


Out here in the fields, I fight for my meals. I get my back into my living. I don't need to fight, to prove I'm right. I don't need to be forgiven.