TV Magic?

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6/25/2018 3:35 AM

So I was watching the moto's yesterday on NBCS gold and saw something interesting. In 450 moto 2 when Musquin passed Barcia, Langston and Weigandt had made their comments about the marv's bike and turning and blah blah blah, then they went to the commercial brake (but were still showing the racing obviously since there's no commercials on the app), then there was a weird blip in the screen and they came back from the commercial break, they showed the pass again as if it was happening in real time and the two made similar comments but were definitely different. It was like they were trying to get two takes on the commentary. Now, I know how tv shows are done, multiple takes and all that for most shows. But I didn't think this little bit of "tv magic" was done in live racing events. Did anyone else notice this?


6/25/2018 3:48 AM

I noticed it as well, the blip, but wasn't paying attention on their first comments enough to notice they said something different.


6/25/2018 4:15 AM

yea i noticed it aswell, its what I like about the nbcgold app you get more of a behind the scenes feel and it almost makes you feel like your at the race, watching the water trucks, hearing matthes in the background announcing and all that is awesome to me lol


6/25/2018 5:48 AM

I noticed this too. I believe something like this happened during one of the earlier broadcast as well (maybe Colorado?). A crash i believe happened during a break, then when the tv came back to live air they replayed the crash as if it had just happened. Cant remember exactly what it was, but they definitely are making some time tweaks to help TV viewers feel like the commercials aren't making them miss important stuff. It makes sense for them to do this. I really only remember it as i was impressed with Weege and Langston's acting ability when they announced the event as if it just happened for first time during the live tv play.


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6/25/2018 6:00 AM

I think it was impressive enough that they wanted to show it on live tv instead of exclusively on nbc gold during commercial