TLD SE3 helmet tested

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8/12/2017 9:13 PM

It's been 2 weeks now, but I put my SE3 to the test and I'd say it did it's job better than any lid I've ever had on my head. I've tested quite a few too.
Wasn't the typical head slap from going down. I was riding my mountain bike and I know it's not the same, but it's likely the hardest I've ever hit my head. I was hitting a trail I'd never seen before and carrying some good speed. Came across a bridge to a steep climb. Made it most of the way up and hit a nasty root that popped my front end up and over. I came down 12 to 15 feet directly on my back and the back of my head. I also caught the 4x4 on the edge of the bridge, went through the fence and down another 6ft fall in a ditch landing on my feet.
As I was falling and tumbling I knew I took a shot to my head and immediately thought that I hoped it didn't scratch my helmet. I didn't realize how hard of a hit it was. After I got up and collected myself, found my new bike with some seriously bent bars so my riding was over. Popped my helmet off and it had a hole completely through the shell. Looks like it was shot with a 9mm right in the cheek area. The back has a large spot with a mark and the paint chipped off.
Had I had a normal MTB helmet on, I would have been in the hospital with a broken jaw and missed Loretta's.
I've seriously never hit my head like that and not been knocked out. My neck is still sore and I thought I had some broke ribs, but that's cleared up now so I'm good. I already bought another SE3 to replace it. Just wanted to post up if anyone was considering one of these helmets. I'll gladly say it's a great helmet and does it's job better than anything I've ever had on my head, and I've had some good helmets.

I have my kid wearing a Bell Carbon Flex and I know it's a great helmet as well. I would have gotten one for myself, but couldn't find one I liked.


8/13/2017 12:52 AM

very cool, i have 2 brand new in the box se3 seven mx helmets sitting in my shop


8/13/2017 4:03 AM

I bought a TLD SE2 when they first came out. First ride wth it was at the biggest bicycle dirt jumps in Florida. I clipped the landing of the third set and landed face first. I got a concussion, a broken nose. Helmet was destroyed. It was a hard slam, but I can't help but think that the impact was not as severe (being on a bicycle) as the average MX crash. I really like TLD gear, but I decided to replace that helmet with a different brand.