TC 85 forums and discussing?

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11/24/2020 3:58 AM

Just got a brand new TC85 2019 for my son, something I never thought would happen.

Where's the best place to read up on the conversations about it? Any specific forums on the web?

I've made carb and suspension adjustments on my own but reading other's thoughts and results would be much appreciated. I did read the spooge thread here on Vital but wondering if there are more?


11/24/2020 4:01 AM

Probably ?

Where I'd go


11/24/2020 4:02 AM


11/24/2020 4:26 AM

Thx Dave. It's like trail riding in Hatfield McCoy, too many choices.


11/24/2020 4:48 AM

No problem

They should be able to at least point you in the right direction


11/24/2020 4:49 AM

Hope you're well


11/24/2020 6:52 AM

1) Don't ever deviate from the stated oil mix ratio in the manual, NO MATTER how much spooge you're getting!
2) Keep it a little 'rich' on the main jet.
3) When the big end goes, replace only with the OEM replacement rod kit.

You're welcome.


The above may be fact or fiction, I may be serious, I may be jesting. I am not sure, you have no chance.