Supercross the Game 2 - Arena Announcer?

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2/17/2019 2:55 PM

Does anybody know how to turn off the annoying arena announcer in the game files on PC? There's nothing in the settings, and I am not sure what file to delete or manipulate in the game files. Any help would be appreciated.


2/17/2019 2:59 PM

I would look in the game directory and look for audio files.. You may be able to open them in a program like vlc.. once you find them just edit them till the audio level is zero..

That just a thought.


2/17/2019 4:04 PM

I haven’t been able to fine a solution. I literally play with my TV volume on 3 just enough to hear the bike cause I’m try to drown out the sound of the annoucer. I think he says a total of 10 different things and it’s so goddamn annoying.


2/17/2019 5:19 PM

I Fucking hate it also. Insane they didnt put that in the audio settings... Shit like that is a massive screw up.