Supercross prep?

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11/25/2017 7:54 PM

At what point do the rider usually start their “boot camps” for the upcoming season. Little worried for reed since he is still using a hyper baric chamber and wearing a Walking boot. would like to still see him pull one off this season.


11/25/2017 8:43 PM

November 1st is the "start" of boot camp. But they never really stop training or riding. They just shift intensity and focus.

IMO If Reed gets 2 weeks on the bike before Anaheim he will be fine to ride his way back into shape. I don't think 20 minutes is a problem for the Vet guys (the 3 moto races will help too). It's more of a mental issue (arm pump) than a fitness issue in Supercross when guys fade (motocross with 2x30+2 motos is more fitness). Plus he won't have time to go the wrong direction on setup. The base settings are what he will enter the season on and they have worked well for Anderson and Deano.