Supercross needs a presentation change

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10/15/2017 8:18 PM

I’ve felt like it has for years, watching the MEC last night I was just reminded of it. In season you can expect the same formula in the broadcast every night, royalty free music over a default video editing intro, qualifying, “Science of Supercross” which pretty much explains common sense to you, qualifying, Twitter pictures, racing for points, done. They struggle with what to put in the filler time I reckon and I realise they’re trying to expand the audience but maybe the simplistic presentation isn’t the way to go about it, after tuning into my first F1 race and hearing about Kers and DRS I wanted to look into it and understand it rather than have it explained in child’s terms.

The way SX is being presented makes it look like the sport lacks content and is just another Monster Jam or something. I don’t understand how the whole industry is making these huge technological strides with such advanced machines and such just to have them presented as “Motorbike goes fast”. They have all the time in the world to go in depth with the physical demands, developing stories, new tech etc but they choose not to and you can tell Ralph and Jeff are scared shitless to say anything slightly unbiased. A logo change would be cool and surely they could get away with cutting back on the amount of green M’s a bit, also who’s idea was it to have the riders stand in a room with glittery curtains hanging everywhere. There’s a lot to this sport but you wouldn’t think so being a casual viewer tuning in for the first time.


10/15/2017 8:35 PM

I really think most of the "circus" vibe Supercross gives off is because FELD wants it to be a circus. FELD owns monster jam, Disney on ice, Disney live, Sesame Street live, and they used to own the Ringling Bros Circus. Monster Jam is like a Motorsport circus, while Supercross should be seen as a actual sport and not some side show type event. Just the way I see it when it comes to FELD


10/15/2017 8:48 PM

They could cut down on the corny filler and the 176 commercial breaks and have a very solid program. One long 3-4 minute commercial break after each LCQ while they do track prep and other than that just show racing.

We gotta switch it up from Jeff and Ralph. How many times are we going to hear Ralph yell "LETS SEE WHO GETS THE HOLESHOT" or hear Jeff compliment a rider for his line selection when he wanders off of the single track line to make a pass. Give Daniel Blair or Mike Alessi a shot in the booth and give Ricky Carmichael's part time segment with the cutaway bike to "The Gentleman" Jim "Hollywood" Holley.


10/16/2017 12:17 AM

Marcus Beasley wrote:

I really think most of the "circus" vibe Supercross gives off is because FELD wants it to be a circus. FELD owns monster jam, ...more

Yeah it would be good if they could atleast hand the creative reigns to someone who has that in mind. It’s hard to take the sport seriously with how it’s currently presented, could probably do with taking a leaf out of MXGP’s book.

Good to see you on Vital Barcus