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Moto_Geek Moto_Geek
7/4/2020 1:33 PM

Calling Feld Executives

Supercross Part Deuce Summer Series - Crowd funding fan-supported cash payouts to all riders that line up with a minimum. Just take the $80 bucks we were going to spend on tickets to help pay for the events and the rest goes into a historical crowd-funded race! Make motorsports history!

At least for the fans, not sure if supercross riders would do the second season to fill the gap of motocross. I was still very satisfied to have supercross no spectator action! Just need a venue. Seems like it could be possible to pull off. Sponsors in contracts, riders, and workers probably going to get paid anyways during motocross season.

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Hoks Hoks
7/4/2020 3:05 PM

I was thinking that SLC this year proved a Summercross concept could work. If you think of all the privateers and SX only teams, a small 6-8 round series over a month in 2/3 venues within a close proximity would be neat. Like a fairground on steroids with a track that is more like SX than AX.

The objective would be to provide a low cost/high payout race with the focus on privateers. I would like to think that factory 450/250 teams would not show up because the Outdoor series would take precedent, and having a rule such as top 10 in 450SX are ineligible.

Would provide guys like 722, and another 21 riders an opportunity to have a minor league esq type series. Provide more experience for 250 guys to refine their skills to showcase their skills for bigger teams to pick them up.. and possibly provide another avenue for “road to SX” points for rookies.

Imagine teams like HEP being able to showcase their sponsors more and maybe help develop them into larger teams, or a team like MCR that has some guys eligible to race and some not, so they could put other guys on say Mookies bike for a chance to showcase themselves on better equipment.

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kkawboy14 kkawboy14
7/4/2020 3:56 PM
Moto_Geek wrote:

Calling Feld Executives


I like it!

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