Supercross Needs a TV Package like NFL RedZone

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1/23/2018 11:42 AM

The current TV broadcast for Supercross is mediocre in the grand scheme of racing sports. Besides the plethora of commercials and dead time between races, the TV broadcast for A2 was showing riders so close up that i felt like i was watching solo promo videos for each rider, not to mention the camera angles were fricken terrible (way too low in some cases). As a viewer you can't get a sense of the racing that is going on with the camera view so close up like that. Also, the current TV broadcast fails to show all of the action that happens during a race. How many times after a race do you hear about things that happened on the track during the race but wasn't shown on the broadcast?

Supercross needs a premium TV package. I'd happily buy a premium package to be able to control what camera i'm watching the race from (track-side, medium height in the stands, high in the stands showing the entire track in one view), maybe what rider i want to focus on, and for behind-the-scenes live footage between the motos (have a few cameras running around the pits throughout the night). I know this would require more camera crews, but from a spectator perspective it would be worth it.


1/23/2018 11:46 AM

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