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mx295 mx295
8/26/2018 8:49 AM

Huffman was awesome on commentary..."Ward slams the door right in his puss!"

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8/26/2018 8:58 AM
mx295 wrote:

Huffman was awesome on ...more


"Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower."

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lumpy790 lumpy790
8/26/2018 9:08 AM

Hannah ripping on his RM250 at his last race.

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ATKpilot99 ATKpilot99
8/26/2018 9:12 AM

NIce. A rare SX appearance by the Hurricane late in his career. To me this is the time when supercross tracks started to resemble what we have today although I think now they have gone to a more repetitive template. It would be cool to see more flat or offcamber turns and uneven whoop sections.

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omalley omalley
8/26/2018 9:49 AM

It’s interesting to see how RJ’s bike behaves so much more like a modern setup. Seems like most of the others (and prior Hondas) would see-saw over big jumps and whoops.
I remember an article where he said he doesn’t like the forks to dive at all. Ahead of his time.

And to me, the Ward/RJ/Bailey/Lechein/Glover/etc era was as good as it gets. Unbelievable depth of talent and work ethnic (other than the Dogger, who obviously had talent to spare...).

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ledger ledger
8/26/2018 8:11 PM

The last couple of minutes of the interview with Johnson and Hannah is worth a few laughs, I like how they Don't act like robots, also the grumpy old fart at min. 9:18 should have stayed home. Thanks for the vid.

There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear.

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NorCal 50+ NorCal 50+
9/2/2018 12:06 AM

RJ vs. Ward in '87 is about as epic as you get. I saw Phoenix that year. I was a freshman at Arizona State and rode over to watch press day after class. Just rode into Sun Devil stadium on my mountain bike and there was Wardy and Lechien practicing and doing interviews. One of my favorite SX seasons.

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