Stolen KTM Engines, Kawasaki Engines, wheels and parts

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8/19/2018 2:29 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/20/2018 5:34 PM

As the title states Stolen KTM Engine, Kawasaki Engines, wheels and parts in Hesperia California.

Items were stolen 2 weeks ago I was out of town and am trying to get word out.

It was a large haul with multiple people and trucks involved. Some items have been recovered and a few upstanding citizens arrested. People are not talking and items are still missing. Below is a list:

Sandcar,4 seater Subaru engined-Recovered, steering wheel was removed so thieves tried to joyride with vise grip steering crashed into tree and abandoned.
Trailer with 2 jet ski- Recovered, new paint jobs in dirt lot.
16' flat trailer-Recovered
Utility trailer-Recovered new paint, 3 arrested

Now still missing:

2 ea KTM 550 engine, carb, electric, exhaust
LC4 orange plastic set
Wheels, 2 sets 21", 18", 16" all black
Set Reiger shocks 4ea
BackX shocks 2ea
Misc parts including New KTM 550 top end kit, piston, rings, dampner, handlebar. controls

This was a motocross sidecar stripped down to powder frame.

XR650r rolling chassis with low-end mounted

2 complete Kawasaki Ninja 650 twin dirt track engine kits. 2ea engines, radiators, intake, electrics, pipes.

Another home made utility trailer.

Please be on the lookout in and around Hesperia California. We are spreading the word, KTM parts are unique and Kawasaki parts are custom dirt track set up. Any information appreciated.

Trying to find pics of bikes complete. The parts were mine being stored temporarily. Others have gotten their items back and now I search for my motors and parts.

Thank you for looking,



8/19/2018 2:35 PM

Sorry to hear man.... I’ll keep an eye out


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8/19/2018 2:39 PM

Bummer man. Hope you get yer stuff back.


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8/19/2018 2:50 PM

Many people are searching the usual Craigslist, ebay, offer up and swap meets. If anyone sees the coolest 3 to 6 wheel ghetto bike/chopper/meth head creation, it's probably my parts.

Thanks again for looking.



8/19/2018 3:06 PM

my camper got ripped off in a secure lot
they don't care . I hope they burn I hate a thief. I had to thanks to great laws. buy my stuff back then hope the thief gets court ordered to pay me back. seems back asswards to me. he steals it pawn shop buys and sells it I have to pay them lol. good luck and happy hunting.


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8/19/2018 10:47 PM

Gutted... Sidecars are already pretty rare out there in the USA... a friend in the U.K. had his garage done over on Friday evening, lost tools, knee braces etc... fortunately they didn’t take his CR500 powered sidecar... I hope you get it back.


8/20/2018 5:36 PM

Bump for updated list of missing items:

XR650r rolling chassis with low-end mounted added.