Steel 4T oil filters

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7/15/2016 4:11 AM

Hey guys, got a 450 for the first time since 2010 and am curious about the stainless steel oil filters available today. Back when I had 4 Strokes I always ran the paper filters as I didn't really trust a 15 dollar reusable filter....

What say you?

Has anyone had issues with these stainless filters?

It would be going on a 2016 YZ450F


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7/15/2016 4:27 AM

I use a stainless oil filter on my 2013 RMZ450, though I still use paper for one oil change after a new clutch, or any engine work just to be on the safe side.


7/15/2016 4:45 AM

Stay on top of your oil changes and you should be fine. I don't think they catch as much as paper so the idea is to not let the oil get that dirty. At the same time the paper ones clog if your oil is very dirty too. So really I would just focus on regular oil changes and not worry about the type of filter, that's just me though...


7/15/2016 4:48 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/15/2016 4:49 AM

I had the same question as I just picked up my first 4T, '16 350 XC-F. Most of the feedback I got was to NOT use SS and to use paper. So, I went to and orderd 10 that were on close out for about $3.50 each. I may go back and buy some more because the stock or similar replacement filters are running at least $7.99 each... Since I have so much invested into the bike, I'll stay on top of oil changes....


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7/15/2016 5:23 AM

I've used them in various bikes from an 08 CRF 450 to an 04 YZ450F with nothing negative to report. Hundreds of hours on multiple bikes!


7/15/2016 6:32 AM

I'd never use one,might as well just go without one.

The paper catches the shit that wears bearing faces ,the oil may look clean,drain it and let it sit for a few days then look at the bottom of the container.


7/15/2016 6:43 AM


I cut ever paper filter open with a sharp utility knife and unfold looking at what it caught.

You can tell exactly how you engine is living this way,change oil and see if it was better or worse.

The engine is wearing out all the time,how fast it happens is up to your service schedule.


7/15/2016 7:51 AM

I used em when I had a 450 for supermoto and they worked great. I had two and I'd switch them out/change oil every race.