Spoke With My Wallet Off-road Edition

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3/10/2019 6:25 PM

Maybe a little different from the usual smoker threads on Vital but I know we can all appreciate a good 2 stroke. 2018 GasGas 300 XC. Rode almost all day on this thing and it just flat rips, not sure there are many GasGas owners on here but man it’s a nice change from the typical sea of Orange and White.

3/10/2019 7:28 PM



3/10/2019 7:45 PM

RK-Tec head and she will be a red rocket ship.

They are great bikes, a good friend of mine is racing on their regional team and is loving the bike.


3/10/2019 7:46 PM

Congrats man, looks cool!


Go Hawks!

3/10/2019 8:19 PM

Oh man, that is one seriously good looking bike. Congrats to you. Oh, good to see something different also.


There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear.

3/10/2019 9:25 PM

Congratulations.... the KYB suspended GG are sweet. There's several AA D36 guys sporting GG up here in Nor Cal.

I have a 99 GG EC200, its last race was 2016 VCGP am/pro Saturday.


3/11/2019 7:17 PM

The current steed for Bradshaw as well. Nice bike man, congrats on the purchase!