Spoke with my wallet today!

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9/12/2018 7:49 PM

I picked up a 95 KX 500 today in Montgomery, AL. Bike seems to be in great shape, with minor scuffs on the frame and cases. Previous owner added DID dirt stars, and claims to have sent the suspension into Race Tech. Full FMF pipe and silencer, and kx front number plate and fender. As a 22 year old, I've only ridden a 500 one time up and down a dirt road, and that experience has stuck in my memory for years. I'm pumped!

My other bike is a kx 450, so I'm excited to compare the two bikes at the track this weekend! Ride report will follow.


9/12/2018 7:53 PM



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9/12/2018 7:58 PM

I hope your not disappointed


9/12/2018 8:07 PM

Heck yeah!

May I ask why you have an inflated tube in your bed? :-)


9/12/2018 8:11 PM

KDXGarage wrote:

Heck yeah!

May I ask why you have an inflated tube in your bed? :-)

Your guess is as good as mine.. that's my dad's truck. He restores vintage bikes, and maybe he replaced tubes when changing tires on an old junker. Or it could be that sometimes I have a tendency to put air in tubes that I remove to see where the puncture was, and that might be the case here. If it was just a tiny pinhole, it might not let all the air out.


9/12/2018 8:41 PM

I still love racing/riding my CR500


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9/12/2018 11:32 PM

Love seeing the big bore in green. Very nice!


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9/12/2018 11:37 PM

Gawd damn I'd love to throw a leg over one of those bikes again one day. Congrats man. Hope you have a blast on it!


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Ezza is Da man!

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9/12/2018 11:47 PM

That thing is awesome so jealous right now....but could you put a warning on your title can't have the word testicles coming up on my screen. again props on the ride its sweeeeeet.


9/13/2018 6:39 AM


This thread way better than I anticipated. I was thinking a new boring ktm. Not this nostalgic gem!!!

When’s your build thread starting?


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9/13/2018 4:08 PM

Did you buy the bike from Lee? If so it should be a good bike. I was going to buy it but I really don't need another KX5 when I already have my 89 that's super nice.


9/13/2018 4:20 PM

are you going full team replica? would that be larocco era?


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9/13/2018 5:03 PM

Drooling. My buddy has a 86 CR500 engine in a 04 CRF 250 frame. I’ve rode it a few times and have fallen in love. Nice bike man!


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9/13/2018 5:10 PM

I want to be happy for you...but mostly jealous. Damn....rip it bro.


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