Someone buy Davalos a KX450

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2/19/2020 12:27 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/19/2020 12:29 AM

Just watched the Geneva race and wow does Martin gel with that bike. He had Brayton and Barcia covered in speed and consistency, starts, everything. I wish PC wouldve gave him a ride on that 450. Like mitch doesnt have enough money to do it. 😤


2/19/2020 12:48 AM

I think he has enough money to grab one from a dealer. In all reality if he wanted he could get a few free from many dealers to run the dealers logos etc. I’m sure if he bought some Mitch would hook them up even if he had to pay.

Structure needs a change(250 structure) imagine the younger Lawrence winning this year he’d be in the 450 class at 18.... but davalos May be ending his career after this year. Has the speed in qualifying so maybe give it another year..... maybe gasgas 2021. I don’t know the right answers besides maybe going back to three classes and making the 250 a premiere class along with 450. And some sort of support class for rookies.


2/19/2020 1:16 AM

Don't forget he was beating those guys at a race that no one needed to win. They all got paid to be there and staying healthy was the #1 goal. At the same point, Marty is doing fine, he's a rookie on a 450. He has been plenty fast (in fact the fastest in a practice at a round). He's making mains and putting in results in a deep field and we aren't even halfway through. I'm stoked Martin didn't retire and I honestly don't see it soon now within the next few years with the potential showing.


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2/19/2020 2:46 AM

^ Yep. Keep in mind that his starts in Geneva helped a ton, he would holeshot then do that rhythm when the field did not, it was like an instant 4 sec lead.

He isn't getting the starts on the KTM for what ever reason. But he is up against a premier field thats for sure.


2/19/2020 9:56 AM



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2/19/2020 1:05 PM

I agree. He was better on the kawi. He's also more tense now I think.


2/19/2020 1:24 PM

Zeke27G wrote: Photo


Just plug that thing into the Katoom, and he'll be ready to go!