SoCal Track Passes?

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1/15/2018 2:23 PM

Years back there was a program where you could pay ($500 or so if I remember correctly) and ride unlimited at a number of partnered tracks. Is that program still available?

If not, what are the programs that are offered? What do some of y'all use? Does anyone even offer yearly passes anymore?


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1/15/2018 2:43 PM

Milestone and Perris are the only ones that I know work together:
**Unlimited Ride Pass: $80 a month (Save if you ride more than twice per month) **
Get the Unlimited MX Pass to get unlimited riding at Milestone/Perris/212 Land Memberships now accepted at ALL 3 Tracks.

Minimum 12-month contract (with $100 early cancellation fee)
Requires valid credit card and email
Continues month-to-month until cancelled.
See contract for all additional details, subject to change
Excludes Supercross track
Excludes entrance on race day all race fee still apply including gate fee.