So, will the Leap be doable this year?

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7/2/2022 8:33 PM

McG194 wrote:

Not a problem.

The problem is the amount I could kick his ass is way less than the amount he could kick my ass on a ...more

yak651 wrote:

It was called Parking Lot Jump during one broadcast by Emig, not for years…

Chris_Buehler wrote:

"By a lot of people" LOL nobody called it that

You are right, you have listened to every announcer and been to every race at Red Bud and read everything ever in print nobody called it that. I've haven't been boing there since 1990 and I never heard the track announcer call it the parking lot jump.

Why do people insist on arguing about dumb ass shit that doesn't matter? You are right, I am wrong.


Florida Trail Riders Area 4 Director
Volusia/Flagler Counties

7/3/2022 3:49 PM

Pretty cool to see Kitchen do it in the 250s when even the 450s were struggling.