So, all the guys who said Kenny would never win again. . .

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7/7/2018 11:12 PM

Suck it! Where are they all at now?whistling

So stoked to see him get a moto win, considering the injuries he's had and what it's taken just to get back out there, winning even a single moto is pretty damn amazing. Plus all the shit talked on here makes it even that much better. If he can stay healthy and get a decent off-season under his belt everyone had better watch out in 2019. . .


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7/8/2018 12:03 AM

much ty


7/8/2018 1:26 AM


Just kidding.

7/8/2018 3:37 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/8/2018 3:37 AM

Impressive to come back and win a Moto after his severe arm injuries


7/8/2018 3:40 AM

Awesome ride. I really hope he keeps getting healthier. If he is able to get back to 100% it will be amazing to see him and Tomac battle in both sx and mx. Nobody here in the US is on their level when they are at their prime.