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10/6/2018 7:28 AM

Drive 13 hours straight with the lads from Ottawa Canada to cheer on team Canada and enjoy the race.

In line at the track last for opening ceremonies my Toyota Sienna starts running super rough.

B line to Benton Harbour and phone Signature Toyota who are closing. Owner, Bill Reilly, and some staff stayed late to meet us and scan the code. Offered for a tech to come in saturday and get us a loaner car.

Shout out to these guys who were willing to bend over backwards to make sure we wouldn’t miss a minute if the race. Even offering to come in late tonight from home if we got back from qualifying after hours.

Turns out the van reset the code when we shut it off and is running great again so we are all good.

Bill is Bonneville salt flats guy and said we’re all one big Moto sports community.

Good vibes here at Red Bud! What rain?


10/6/2018 7:41 AM