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4/6/2018 2:40 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/6/2018 2:51 PM

So, ordered a complete seat from GUTS racing Monday night to replace my older GUTS seat. Nothing wrong with the old one, just wanterd to try a +18 mm foam. They called the next morning to confirm a detail on the order and then I figured, OK, the seat will probably be here sometime next week. Custom seat with phantom foam and the whole works arrived here today! (mid-day Friday) That is awesome service and the seat is fantastic quality. Here’s a pic of the new seat, if you’re looking for a new seat/foam definately recommend GUTS.Photo


4/6/2018 2:54 PM

Did you get the Velcro seat cover? I’ve wondered how good it actually works.


4/6/2018 3:05 PM

Met him 2 years ago at the Orlando Trade show. GREAT guy!!! Seen him at 2 SX’s this year too


4/6/2018 3:59 PM

I’ve been runnng the Velcro-System for 2 years: from Moto to Baja.

It works


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4/6/2018 4:11 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/6/2018 4:12 PM

Good to hear the report on the velcro. I usually buy foam and cover from them and staple myself. Got lazy this time and ordered the complete seat - stapled. note - the Phantom foam is actually noticably lighter - and closed cell foam to boot.


12/2/2019 12:21 PM

Howd you like the +18mm seat on the Husky? debating trying the same move on my KTM.


12/2/2019 1:46 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/2/2019 1:47 PM

I've got the optional 20mm oem taller husky seat in would let go cheap if someone wants to just try it


12/2/2019 1:49 PM

I really love the guys stuff, bought a lot over the years but the oem optional fornhusky is very convenient