Shoulder Brace Suggestion

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12/12/2018 2:00 AM

Hi everyone,

I've just had shoulder surgery 3 months ago to repair a torn labrum from multiple dislocations on the bike, looking at riding again soon.

Does anyone have any good shoulder brace suggestions? I've currently got a leatt one but do find that one keeps moving and ends up being super uncomfortable which then effects my riding.


12/12/2018 8:49 PM

I used to use one a lon, long time ago following a history of dislocations. I don't think it was effective. What I strongly recommend is physical therapy - build some bulk around those shoulders. Once I built some mass, it hasn't been a problem, and that has been quite a few years. And Im not talking bodybuilder mass, just enough to stabilize it. Its doable in a few months.


12/12/2018 8:56 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/12/2018 8:58 PM

Tore my labrum when I was young and had it repaired probably around 10 years ago (24 years old) after a long stint of repeated dislocations. Had an aggressive rehab/PT and felt comfortable enough to ride after just a couple months. As long as your strength and range of motion is back there should be no reason to wear a brace. Hell, my "bad" shoulder has felt stronger than my good one ever since.



12/12/2018 9:06 PM

x3 on the rehab. I had 6 dislocations and finally went with the surgery. The procedure + rehab did far more for me than any brace could.
I had an EVS brace for a while but all it did was hold my arm down in an uncomfortable position and impacted my riding style. I seriously doubt it could have prevented additional injury anyway.


Braaapin' aint easy.

12/12/2018 10:47 PM

I also had my labrum fixed, been over 2 years now I think. Unfortunately I don’t think any brace will actually help you from dislocations, but it can give you piece of mind.

Rehab and someone back strong is the best solution and learning your new technique to falling with your arm against your body. No more putting your bad arm out in front of you.

K-Tape feels great on the shoulder, makes it feel tight.