Shipping a bike

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1/18/2010 9:43 PM

Ok, im sure this has been asked a million times but does anyone know any company pretty cheap? Im looking from Arizona to Ohio?

Thanks guys.


1/18/2010 9:46 PM


1/18/2010 9:54 PM

Might check Yellow

freight lines too.


1/18/2010 10:17 PM

I've used Forward Air a few times.


1/18/2010 10:37 PM


1/19/2010 4:42 AM

I've used before for bikes....never been a problem.


1/19/2010 5:18 AM
Edited Date/Time: 1/19/2010 5:53 AM

I would offer you my services but that wouldn't be legal since we're a Canadian company, I can how ever refer you to a company that we do work for. Try their based in Chicago but service all of the US, their rates are pretty cheap. if you want some contact info shoot me a pm.


1/19/2010 8:04 AM

no first hand experience, but I've seen Forward Air recommended several times over on the Maico Yahoo group -