Securing valuables at the track?

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7/30/2014 5:51 PM

I know that there is a certain level of trust among people that race, since you are often required to leave your bike, tools, gear unattended during sign on/marshalling/racing other classes etc....

but how do you guys go about securing your valuables.

If possible I usually park with people I know, lock the phone and wallet in the car and hide the key in a toolbox, boot or goggle bag.

I find it weird that most of us are paranoid about security at home or away from the track, but leave our shit out of sight and at the mercy of strangers.


7/30/2014 6:20 PM

I lay a couple of 20's on the dash set up for the steering wheel to set off the airbag charge loaded with ball bearings if they lift the 20 off the dash using a trip wire.


7/30/2014 6:32 PM

Park with friends. if you have none there. use your best judgment and make a new one that day and hope for best. You can pretty much lock everything inside your truck/car/van i guess. Sucks if you had to do that.
People always stole collers and shit at Nationals do they still? It was bullshit that you had to lock everything up but what can you do?


7/30/2014 7:24 PM

After having helmets, gear bags, bike stands, pressure washer, and generator stolen at local races over the years I no longer leave anything in our pit area when we are on the track. That is at the local level. At pro nats we have had ez up, lawn chairs, and our coolers of our only food and water for the weekend stolen while sleeping.

For many years I believed motocross people where the only people I could trust. That era ended about 1989. Get a van or enclosed trailer and lock everything up every time you walk away or go to sleep. There is no "racer code" left in this sport.

Hey they grew the sport brah. It's all good.


7/30/2014 9:05 PM
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I blame 4-strokes. cool



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7/30/2014 9:07 PM

I've been lucky enough to have a wife and or kids with me to watch my stuff while I "do my thang ". If we travel overnight I put bikes and all in the motel room. It'sa pain but I don't get ripped off any more. Gotta do what you gotta do.


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7/30/2014 10:04 PM

Do you have access to a large, unhappy and slightly underfed dog? shocked


7/30/2014 10:58 PM
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I've seen people hook one of these on tie down d-ring or hitch area of their truck and lock their keys in it while they ride. Need a combo to get the keys. Can lock everything else personal in the vehicle.


7/31/2014 1:22 AM

I've never had a problem with theft, but I usually keep everything inside the car and hide my phone and wallet somewhere. Aussies are pretty good people though. Once time our camp blew away in the wind and we came back to people setting it up for us again (nothing taken which was good).


7/31/2014 1:25 AM

We have never had anything stolen. I always leave my gear bag, tool box, and chairs outside the car. Everything else stays locked in the truck or car.



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7/31/2014 4:08 AM

I've been lucky, never had anything stolen and leave all kinds of stuff out. Although at the TN national this year, since there were so many people, we did tarp over all the bikes, gear, and tools and chained everything down to the trailer.


7/31/2014 9:45 PM

The surf lock and the master lock thing seem like a good idea.

I too have had nothing significant stolen, just a quickfill fuel jug.

You do hope people are decent; there are times that Ive have to flag and the car, trailer and four bikes can be left unattended. I guess making friends with your pit neighbours is the best policy.


8/1/2014 1:07 AM

I used a combination lock on the storage box on my trailer for my car keys wallet etc and also used a Kryptonite cable lock to secure my bike when I was away from it at places like Perris. They had a few bikes stolen from Perris circa 89 that put the fear of God in me.

Years ago my ex sister in law and her girlfriend ask this couple if they would watch their valuables while they went in the water at Caesars Creek in Ohio and they said okay no problem. As soon as the girls were far enough away these two clowns split with Susan and her friend's purses and cash.


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8/1/2014 1:09 AM

its a worry when your on your own and your son is racing , your flaging and you have gear, tools and spares everywhere , ive had full exhaust systems and new boots just sitting in the trailer all day , so far never an issue but it could happen , seems to be some respect in the pits for this , anyone caught steeling should be pinned down and have a fresh knoby spun on their head


8/1/2014 11:14 PM

Go race some off-road events. Total different environment at off-road races. Not sure why but years of Gncc i have had great luck. Around here the MX scene is so over the top. Almost like newbies, not motorcycle people in general. That is were most of the thieving takes place,