Say it ain't so, Gannon Audette Retires

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12/7/2017 6:00 PM

Come on your not done.....Photo

Gannon Audette was one of my favorite riders coming out of the amateurs, I think it was him, Jason Anderson and Max Anstie (not sure) the top riders moving up to the pro's (didn't they all have a issue about a KTM ride in the amateurs.?) Anyways it was a bummer that the Star racing ride didn't work out. I wish he had someone like Bobby Hewitt behind him to give him the opportunity to ride for Team Green Extreme, Looked what he did with his Pro Circuit ride. I really wish he would race the 2018 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown (Jetwerx) series in Canada. I think he would be a top contender, and a good pickup for one of the teams (Team Nut Up Alpinestars Kawasaki) since they kind of lost Dillan Epstein. Jason Hughes why not give him a call.?


12/7/2017 6:10 PM

Quitting because you can’t find a ride really isn’t retiring.


12/7/2017 7:11 PM


"Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower."

12/7/2017 7:13 PM



12/7/2017 7:50 PM

Top 10 in the 450 (MX1 SX1 AX1) with some top 5's with a possible podium.
top 5 in the 250 MX2 SX2 AX2) with podiums and a possible win.

no problem with good team like Nut Up Alpinestars Kawasaki



12/7/2017 9:09 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/7/2017 9:09 PM

Maybe Allessi can get him to join the cause?