Save our Riders!

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7/26/2017 6:55 PM

How many more? Do we have to make it so hard it scares the best into retirement? Riders need to stand up.


I race for plastic trophies, so get off my back.

7/26/2017 6:59 PM

That's nice honey.


7/26/2017 7:02 PM

So, ahhhh, what are we talking about?


7/26/2017 7:12 PM



7/26/2017 7:19 PM

They should all ride 85's so they don't hurt themselves..... oh shit... wait....


Washed up moto and enduro weekend warrior.

7/26/2017 7:34 PM

......Herlings snapped his femur on an 85.......make it 2stroke 60s