Safety Precautions/tips for upcoming season to minimize injuries

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3/6/2018 8:59 PM
Edited Date/Time: 3/6/2018 10:50 PM

Just a few thoughts for awareness and be ready for when injury occurs. Vital mods, maybe consider creating a safety FAQ forum for tips recommendations to help inform readers with best practices for dealing with injuries when they occur. As fellow riders, mechanics, parents, spectating friends, we are the first responders when crashes occur. More education can only help, especially new & young riders just starting.

A few of my recommendations to start:

1) Don’t ride alone, take someone with you in case of emergency. If you get hurt, and you are immobilized and no one is around, you could face serious consequences.

2) Have a plan where you will go if an injury occurs. Know if the local hospital ER is reasonable with treatment times. Some could have you wait too long to be seen which could degrade your condition and chance of recovery. If there is a local orthopedic doctor association, they may have an emergency treatment center which will address your specific injury immediately and help your prognosis asap.

3) Have all your insurance info readily available and if possible, web link to your specific medical files through your primary care physician with your vital info including blood type, allergies, past conditions, etc.

4) If you incur an injury, know who to call to tend to your bike and gear while you’re on your way to medical treatment. You don’t want to be double parked at a hospital ER lot with your bikes in the back of your pickup for some passerby to help themselves.

5) Ambulance services. Ambulance transportation can be very expensive, even if you have good insurance coverage. Some ambulance ride costs can be $1500-2000. If you know your injury isn’t life threatening, like a broken or sprained wrist, you may want to wave off the ambulance to save $ in the long run. However, err on the side of caution; if you don’t know what’s wrong with you, you hit your head, possible internal injuries, let the professionals decide. Even bystanders can help with this decision, sometimes parents or friends of injured riders aren’t thinking clearly and may decide not to seek ambulatory help.
Your one tip may help immensely!


3/6/2018 10:14 PM

all good points this works too.....


3/7/2018 12:47 AM

How bout u just don't ride.


3/7/2018 2:22 AM

Just send it bro fuck safety


3/7/2018 4:01 AM

In my experience, a lot of people can't be told about safety, and they learn the hard way.. and usually change their ways after a few broken bones. Some are not so lucky.
It's an unforgiving sport and injuries are inevitable, there's very few that haven't broken bones.


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3/7/2018 7:03 AM

Take tough blocks away, staggered starts, slower bikes, replace triples with just a single, turn signals to avoid cross jumping... Vital is nothing but safety recommendations these days. Every week we are dramatically overreacting to whatever happened at the race.


3/7/2018 7:07 AM

I like safety!


3/7/2018 7:37 AM

Well I just called the ER and asked how busy they were going to be today if I got hurt . She told me I needed to see a specialist ? She must know something I don’t . blink


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