SXF350 or an older Smoker?

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3/22/2018 5:02 AM

Hey there,
as the title suggests, im in a dilemma on what to choose.
I've been through 85, 125, 200 and 250 smokers, all KTM, im familiar with them and know how to properly ride a two stroke. The 125 and 200 were EXC and suited me reeeeal good for the type of riding im doing.
I though I was done with bikes 5-6 years ago, but as we all know, once you feel the fever, there's no going back...
Im looking for a bike but not sure exactly what I want.
If it were the same years - go for the two stroke every time, but here, in eastern europe for the price of a 12 SXF350 I can barely manage to get an 05-06 250EXC smoker. The 08 300EXCs are waay overpriced here. For the price of a 08 300EXC you could get a 15 SXF350 which is just ridiculous...

Im tempted to go for the 350 couse of the newer year, better suspension and so on, but afraid of expensive repairs on the engine. With the smokers I can have the piston changed in 20 minutes for a pocket change....
Also, what im riding is single trails and a bit of hard enduro. Is the 350SXF good enough for log hopping and the other hard enduro techniques we see on youtube?
Im afraid after all those two strokes ive ridden the thumper would get boring, and I cant afford to change bikes so frequently....
What should I do?
Thanks! smile


3/22/2018 5:22 AM

In your market, I say stick with the 2stroke. Sounds like the demand for 4strokes is lower in your area than here in the USA. 2 strokes might be pricey in comparison, but it tells me that they hold their value well for resale. And parts availability much easier and less expensive.


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3/22/2018 6:40 AM

Get a yz 250 put a flywheel weight on it, ride. Best bike you'll ever own for what you want to do. 06 and up has the sss suspension which is really good stuff. Parts are cheap, bulletproof bike. Or get new yz 250x smoker.... that's the ticket


3/22/2018 7:03 AM

I had a ‘13 350sxf that I set up for single track racing like GNCC and I loved it! Even today there seems to be a lot of them that line up at events I go too. I had a rekluse clutch and oversized tank and went to an 18in wheel, never really did hard enduros with it. I think you would really like the 350 it just such a balanced bike when it comes to power. I have seen people do hard enduros with it. Hell Cody Webb uses 450 for endurocross. Probably won’t hurt to get a radiator fan for your not technical riding.