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9/9/2017 5:55 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/9/2017 5:55 AM

After a one year break from motocross, the Standing Construct Racing team are proud to be able to announce that from 2018 they will come back to the MX scene as the STANDING CONSTRUCT KTM team, a KTM Factory supported team.

The team will participate in the MXGP World Championship with two riders.

The announcement regarding the riders will be made in due course.

Both riders have won GP’s in the past and together with almost the complete same crew and setup as the Standing Construct Team was before, the team will continue with the same base as when it was a GP winning team in the MX2 class.

Tim Mathys (Standing Construct):

“During the past year, I experienced that I needed the mx world to keep me motivated to give it 100% in my construction activities.

Looking at it from a distance I also realised the great publicity value the MXGP World Championship has these days.

The Promotor, Youthstream has helped make the sport more and more professional which gives companies like Standing Construct the chance to use some great publicity tools like live TV coverage etc…

The combination of both: the publicity value and the motivation I get out of mx to keep going in Standing Construct helped me make the decision to come back”.

I am very happy about the chance and the support KTM is giving us so we can offer our riders the best competitive bike to compete at the highest level”.


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9/14/2017 1:36 PM

MXLarge: Obviously you went away for a year. Did you just need a break from it?

Mathys: Well, actually no. Last year, I had the cooperation with Wilvo, but in the construction business, we had more and more work. I made a deal, Leo took over my part of the team/company, and I thought we would enjoy life more without motocross, but we (Tim and his wife) experienced, we needed motocross in our lives, to keep working well in the construction business, that is what we have experienced the last year. Also looking at it from a distance, you see some things that you don’t see when you are in it. The publicity motocross has these days, that is something that interests me for me business. So, the fact we were missing it, to keep working during the week, but also that we were missing a big chance for publicity with the live television coverage. That made us take the decision to come back.

MXlarge: So, you make the decision to come back. What is the first step after making that decision?

Mathys: Actually, it was funny. We were experiencing we were missing motocross, but to jump back in it, it isn’t easy. The actual start for us was from a rider, who contacted us, and who felt like his career was fading, and from there on, we started thinking how could we organize things. I have to say, from the first sponsor until the last, our sponsors from when we had a team, they were all enthusiastic that we wanted to come back. Our first choice was to work with KTM, because we found in the past, working with KTM was the best way of working. It’s clear to most people that KTM have simply the best bike and my contact with Robert Jonass has been good since we left, and when I contacted Robert, he was really positive, because they were looking for a good satellite team to represent KTM in the MXGP class. With the rider we already have, the second rider came pretty quickly, he already contacted me at the start of the year, even before we decided to come back, and he also felt he had more to show, but he felt he couldn’t show it for some reasons. After he heard we would come back, with the other guy, then he contacted us.

MXlarge: Obviously you haven’t mentioned the riders yet, you mentioned that would come soon in a press release, but can you give us some possibilities who those riders are? You mentioned they are both GP winners, I thought straight away Kevin Strijbos and Ken De Dycker (obviously Ken is retired), so, what can you tell us?

Mathys: You know, it is difficult with contracted and we need to respect the wishes of the current teams, so I won’t tell who the riders are, but I think if you know a guy called me, to save his career, so you need to understand I know that guy very well. 50% of the team will be Belgian and the other 50% will be living in Belgium, and maybe that is something he was missing in the past, but that will be the team. I think I said enough for people inside motocross to understand what I mean.

MXLarge: I mean an MXGP team, you must be happy to be involved in that class, and anyone who saw how you run your team, it was always a team that looked really professional, and well organized. So, when you go to your sponsors and they are all happy to be involved. That must feel really nice to have that respect?

Mathys: It felt like it was appreciation for what we had done in the past. In the past, we were in the MX2 class, but the place to be now is the MXGP class. If you look at the system Youthstream have created, I think it is how it should be. The MX2 class is the chance for the younger riders to show themselves and the get more experience. The MXGP class, that has worldwide coverage, enormous coverage by the media, so it’s the class where we need to be. For our business, it’s a great marketing tool. Every Sunday it is live on Belgian television, so it’s great for our business.

MXlarge: MXGP is tough, I mean top ten is good and for sure when you are not a factory rider. Is that a little bit scary?

Mathys: Yes, it is, and we are not a factory team, but we are fully factory supported, which is really important. I think we are on the best possible bike. Also, our whole crew from before, apart from one mechanic, who changed his mind, but the complete crew will come back. Also, our engineer has proven in the past, he can make pretty quick bikes, he is back. We took one year 11 holeshots, but there are so many capable riders doing top five. I have to be happy when a rider in my team has fifth or sixth place, not like before, when I was sick if we didn’t make the podium. For sure, it’s good to take that one-year distance and look at it differently. In our construction business, we want to be the best and I had that before with the MX2 effort. I think we have two riders, who are capable of riding around top five and even better. They have both proven they can ride a bike. One is a bit more experienced, and it’s a nice mix with the experienced guy and the young lion, who has learnt from his mistakes in the past, will make us a really strong team.

MXlarge: You mentioned that motocross is a bit like a hobby, and in motocross, the vibe is very much a family atmosphere. It seems like it is like that for the whole paddock. Is that exciting, to be back in the family again?

Mathys: For sure, that is part of it, I made a lot of friends in the motocross paddock in the past six years, so that is part of it, but talking about the fact there are companies outside motocross, that are now involved in motocross, that is the evolution of the sport. It has become more and more professional, and I think we need money from outside the sport, because otherwise we were all chasing the Energy drink money, or the same companies. Companies outside the sport didn’t have enough opportunities to use motocross to make some promotion or publicity, thanks to Youthstream, that changed. Again, I repeat, that is a really important to us. To have 18, or 19 weekends live motocross on television in Belgium, that is a chance to get our logo and the publicity seen by many people. That is a great marketing tool for us.


9/14/2017 2:55 PM

Will guillod ride for them again?


9/14/2017 3:10 PM

Guillod and strijbos


9/14/2017 3:10 PM

Woohoo 1 more KTM team smile


9/14/2017 3:14 PM

Good news!

It will be interesting to see Guillod on a proper team. He has had major issues with the Honda this year.


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9/15/2017 4:19 AM

Or maybe Graulus.. he helped him before. We will see. Nice to see having Tim Mathys back in the paddock, great guy for the sport!


9/15/2017 8:43 AM

Strijbos and Valentin would be an epic team, good environment for the both of them for sure


9/15/2017 12:51 PM

Nagl and ...


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9/15/2017 1:58 PM

Nagl Bobryshev Searle Strijbos Tixier Guillod Graulus Paturel.. they can pick up some good guys!

But after that read i go with Strijbos and Guillod!


9/15/2017 2:08 PM

Nagl is going Blue, apparently. Like light Blue?