Rupert X Presents; Interview With Tim Ritchie. Red Bud MXDN - All Your Answers !

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8/21/2018 12:07 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/21/2018 12:18 PM

Tim, congratulations on hosting the 2018 Monster Energy Motocross Des Nations, how long has this been in planning and how did it finally come about?
It’s been a while in the making. We let them know the year after Lakewood I think, that we were interested in hosting the event. But not much came of it till Youthstream and MX Sports started talking. You may remember the press conference from Daytona SX with MX Sports and David Luongo.
Coincidentally I was on my way to Daytona and got a call from my sister Amy. She had just got off the phone with Davey and said David Luongo was there and wanted to talk with me while I was there. I met with him and Daniele Rizzi. I told them we were definitely interested.
We talked a bit after but then our season started and the GP’s started. We didn’t talk much till after our 2017 national was over. We went back and forth the next few months and came to an agreement. Then Amy went to Matterley Basin and signed the contract at last year's MXoN. Since then, we have been wide open…

Everybody is concerned about tickets, parking and camping, which parking areas and tickets/packages are sold out, and how do folks find out comprehensive, up to date information, regarding purchases, even at this late date?
Camping just sold out. VIP gold and silver have been sold out for a few weeks. But we are looking at adding one more VIP area. We will post any update about that on our social feeds.
We are not racing any amateur stuff in part because we wanted to make the camping spots a bit smaller (no race trailers needed) to make more room. Camping is about the same footprint as the national, just shorter spaces. I think we added about 25-30% more spots.
We added just under 100 acres of day/car parking. We bought some and rented some. Our basic plan is to prepare for double the national crowd. But really don't know whats coming for the day crowd.

What about the Friday night dinner experience, honoring past US MXDN competitors, who’s in and who’s not? Anybody find Bubba?
The RedBud MXoN Experience was 6-Time's deal. We wanted him to contact all the past MXoN US riders and see if they wanted to be part of opening ceremonies with a Legends Lap. Jeff figured if they were all coming he might as well put something together and raise some money for charity. The list is pretty impressive of who’s coming. I’d say it may be the largest gathering of past MX royalty ever. This is who he had committed when they did the auction…

Mark Blackwell, Dick Robins (MI guy, part of the FIRST Team USA!), Mike Hartwig, Gary Semics, Brad Lackey, Danny LaPorte, Donnie Hansen, Chuck Sun, David Bailey, Doug Henry, Broc Glover, Jonny O’Mara, Jeff Ward, Rick Johnson, Ron Lechien, Jeff Stanton, Damon Bradshaw, Jeff Emig, Mike LaRocco, Jeremy McGrath, John Dowd, Ricky Carmichael, Ryan Hughes, Ivan Tedesco, Tim Ferry, Ryan Villopoto, Trey Canard, Ryan Dungey.

No Stewie news…

Rumors of the MXGP folks wanting some track changes? LaRocco’s Leap? Can you comment on this and where’s the start going to be located?
The main track change was to house Youthstreams' pit lane structure. We use about 100’ for the nationals; they need around 300’. So making it fit proved to be a challenge. So the first turn area is getting changed around for that reason. That change added a bit of length to the over all track which they thought was a little long in the first place. So we cut out the loop after the off camber, creating a spectating area by the way. And the “hockey stick” before the Leap got cut out. With those changes the overall length is maybe 50 meters shorter. Yes, meters…. Not sure where the Leap rumor came from but LaRocco’s Leap is staying. And will definitely be interesting in the 250/450 motos!!

If you had to guess, how many fans are you expecting to congregate at Red Bud – for this event?
Like I mentioned, If we get double the national, that would be huge. And I think we’re all set for that. Even a bit more than that. But damn, seems like EVERYONE is coming. The hype coming at us from everywhere has us a bit nervous.

What are your feelings on Marvin Musquin being left off the French squad?
Sucks for Marv. I really don’t know him, but I think he is a good guy. And I look at him as one of “our" riders.
But that being said, it’s great for Team USA! No idea what the hell they are thinking..

For the folks arriving just for the show, say Saturday or Sunday mornings, what are the alternate/contingency parking areas that may be available, if all the regular lots are full?
There will be 3 entrances Saturday:
Gate D (Main Street entrance) will be the paddock entrance, “Parking B” (YS’s version of industry parking), and spectator parking. About half that lot will be for spectators.

Gate C (Red Bud Trail entrance) will be for our main day parking lot. It’s our normal “Lot X” but expanded north toward the old gravel pit property. The front of it will be Handicap & VIP, then premium spectator parking.
We are renting property across the street (east) on Red Bud trail; don’t have a name for that lot yet, but it’s big.

And a 4th entrance Sunday: The last lot is the old gravel pit. That entrance is the furthest north on Red Bud Trail (back side of Lot cool. We’re not using it Saturday, so we can shoot fireworks from that property. We’ll use it on Sunday, though.

We will be posting a parking map soon. You know if you’ve ever been to an MXoN, carpool and get there earlyl!!

What has your normal routine been like- the last few weeks, in preparation for this once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully not) grand event?
We pretty much had to stop working on MXoN for a month before the national. We had our ATV national 2 weeks after the bike national. I really couldn’t start on my changes till that was over. So my my crew has been wide open since then. We ran the pit lane section this weekend for the Racer X VetFest. Now it's time to move the gate. For our Edge of Summer event, we are running the full MXoN track. That will be the first and maybe last time amateurs are run on that track. If you want to ride the same exact track as we’re running for MXoN, be here September 8-9!

Amy’s crew in the office has been busy since tickets went on sale. And sales spiked big time after the national. We are required to use YS’s ticket house out of Monaco. Some credit cards don't seem to work too well, and the office is dealing with a pretty solid stream of calls about that process. Also, lots of things to source, coordinate and plan.

That’s the long answer, the short answer is, we’re busy...

Do you think the LOT B professional partiers, and the locals- that show up every July 4 weekend for the AMA National, will also attend this race?
Not as many. We made Lot B smaller because demand was bigger for the other lot. It’s probably too expensive a ticket for the casual, "I just want to party my brains out all weekend” fans. I’m sure there will be some pro class partiers here, but I think its going to be more the core fans of the sport.

What’s the most bizarre inquiry or situation you’ve had to deal with, regarding this upcoming October festival of Motocross?
Nothing really comes to mind..

Are there any plans afoot to assist with the increased demand on cell-phone usage at this event?
There is an AT&T tower next door. You know anyone who works for them?

Are you going to get to actually watch any racing at your event, I know you’re also a huge fan – or, are you just talking on walkie-talkie, barking orders and pushing dirt with the D-6 dozer?
I'm usually on track somewhere watching. I get where I can see a Jumboton or stop into a hospitality area with a TV feed so I can see more of the track. And I have to fight @chiliwrx for the 6, that dude loves that thing!

Have you heard of any BIG-TIME celebrities that plan on attending the event, outside of our circle of Motocross?

What are your feelings on how often the U.S should host a Motocross Des Nations? And, as an aside, do you like it referred to as “Motocross of Nations”?
4 to 5 years would be about right.. And it is a very awkward event to shorten the name on. Of Nations, Des Nations, The Nations. MXoN really doesn't flow. A lot of local non-moto people have referred to it as "The Worlds". I just started calling it the “October Race”…

Are you bringing in more food vendors than for your National, and, are you going to cater to the diverse interests of our foreign visitors, in terms of culinary offerings?
We are bringing in more for sure. We may have to add mayonnaise for the fries.

Will beer, liquor, or other fancy drinks be for sale at this event, or, are spectators permitted to bring in their own beverages?
Camping areas are a go. And we are working on getting a liquor license. If we get it you won't be able to bring alcohol into the track area, where it will be for sale. Kind of the tradeoff. If you're in an area where you're selling it, people can't bring in their own. I think most fans will expect to be able to buy beer.

Early October in Michigan, how do we dress? Shorts? Raincoats? Cumber buns? Capes?
It's Michigan, bring it all.

Personally, what does this one EVENT, at YOUR track, mean to you and your family?
It's a big deal… I wish Geno were still here to see it. This was his dream since he went to Des Nations in Germany in ’78. It only took 40 years!

Do you anticipate this being THE Biggest Motocross event ever, in the history of Motocross, in both the quantity of attendance and, the spectacular nature of the “show”? How will your event at Red Bud be different and more grandiose than any MXDN previously held?
Yes, it will be the biggest Motocross this country has ever seen. The timing is just perfect: it’s been 10 years of anticipating MXoN coming to RedBud, USA is on a pretty big losing streak that we are looking solid to break, EVERYONE wants to see the Herlings/Tomac battle!

How has the local area and surrounding towns of Buchanan and Niles, or South Bend, Indiana, for that matter, responded to the anticipation of this massive invasion of international fans?
Everyone we have talked with is excited about it. It's something different for the area so say the least! We’ve met with the city, township, county, “Visit South Bend” tourism council and the South Bend airport. Everyone is used to big Notre Dame football crowds in the fall, but when you add in the international component, this is something the area has never seen. They’ve been very supportive and are fired up.


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8/21/2018 12:18 PM

Great work and hopefully will end all the rumors stirred up about the leap by some members on here...

Man I am excited! I think it really is a reasonable bet that this is going to be the biggest MX event ever held in the USA.


8/21/2018 12:21 PM

Notes; " SIX TIME" is Jeff Stanton, "Gene" is Tim Ritchie and Amy's dad, now passed on, but was the founder of Red Bud, a tremendous motocross man....


8/21/2018 12:26 PM

Thanks Rupert!


8/21/2018 12:35 PM

KirkChandler wrote:

Thanks Rupert!

Cheers, hopefully a few less folks shall be confused now, regarding the details, The devil is in the details, they say,,,,,


8/21/2018 12:43 PM

Good stuff Rupert!


Might order a pizza, take a nap, doesn't really matter.

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Thank you. Good read!


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Good to hear the leap will be there. Can’t wait for that weekend!


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Thanks Rupe!


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Good info and great interview, thanks


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So glad I decided early to camp at the track so I don't have to deal with traffic.


8/21/2018 3:16 PM

Thanks, Rup. So many questions answered...


8/21/2018 3:28 PM

Nice job Mr. Pellet.

The devil is in the details indeed. They mention that the leap stays, but no mention of the roller, as highlighted in another thread on the subject, that was installed below and may essentially make the leap a non-entity. Hmm? What say you on this matter?

It's like saying "Oh, you can still buy beer here, but containers of any sort are illegal." Ok, maybe it's not like that, but you get my drift? The unmentioned work-around if you will.



8/21/2018 3:50 PM
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Hman144 wrote:

Nice job Mr. Pellet.

The devil is in the details indeed. They mention that the leap stays, but no mention of the roller, as highlighted in another thread on the subject, that was installed below and may essentially make the leap a non-entity. Hmm? What say you on this matter?

It's like saying "Oh, you can still buy beer here, but containers of any sort are illegal." Ok, maybe it's not like that, but you get my drift? The unmentioned work-around if you will.


He answered it in a way though, without it even being asked. He said the track will be identical to the MXoN track at their last amateur race. We'll have pictures and videos of the track after that event, save the speculation until then.


8/22/2018 6:45 AM

My fourth MXdN in the USA!.


I don't trust any "Joined Date" later than 2012

8/22/2018 11:45 AM

I was there this weekend. I feel that the roller before the leap was placed there for the VetFest to make impossible to attempt and it worked. I’m sure it will be gone by next race.


8/22/2018 12:46 PM

Rupert can i send you a email? I have some questions. You seem like the guy to ask anything grin