Roger DeCoster’s Take On Our Sport

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10/12/2018 7:39 PM

I, like all of you, have my opinions on the status of American motorcross, The Motocross of Nations, 2 strokes etc, but I am just a fan and an amateur racer.

Not many people have been involved in professional motocross as long as Roger has. I remember when he took the first team of Americans to the motocross of nations and won. It was so cool. That was the first year I ever raced motocross.

Roger DeCoster has taken every single one of our 22 winning teams to the Motocross of Nations. I believe that’s 37 times that he has been team manager.

He made team Honda what it was in the 80s. He was a big part of the success at Suzuki. And he pretty much brought KTM to the forefront of American motocross and Supercross from 2011 to the present day.

I am not sure what his new role and KTM will be, but as he is stepping down from managing motocross and Supercross, I would hope he would be able to give his opinion on some of these subjects.

I have had limited personal experience with him. Most of it because I lived in Belgium and am fluent in French. On a personal level, and from what I have seen from him in public speaking, he seems to be a straight shooter. He is diplomatic, but seems to speak his mind.

It would be cool to hear his thoughts on this and other topics related to motocross.


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