Roczen, Seely, Hansen, GuyB pics from RBSR

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10/22/2019 4:11 PM

I just took a few for fun and thought I'd share with you guys. It was a cool event, and nice to go cruise the pits with the cam.

All are shot with a fixed 85mm so it was tough, but fun.

Feel free to download, I'm using the Hansen as a screensaver on the phone at the moment.


10/22/2019 4:21 PM

Epic .. thanks for taking those .


10/22/2019 5:24 PM

Great pics. Get any of Tapia by any chance? He was racing my bike and not many got pics of it at race.


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10/23/2019 4:25 PM

Good stuff. That’s a great lens, but yep, tough to shoot without being up close.


10/23/2019 6:36 PM

I'd love to see a pic from the floor of the jump that ACat supermaned and flat landed on to get a real perspective of how big the plummet to the floor was. Yes, Video shows it, some shots kind of showed it but I'd love to see a pic from the perspective of some of the shots shared above. Like the double at the end looks way bigger than I imagined it was from watching the broadcast.