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jbonemalone jbonemalone
9/22/2021 3:11 PM

As the title says I’m transferring to a new location/job.
My destination choices are Huntsville and Tulsa.
What’s the situation with xc racing and trail riding in those areas.
In Tulsa I k ow I’m not far from reynards so that would be mint!

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BigBoreFan58 BigBoreFan58
9/22/2021 3:50 PM

OK would be OK. OCCRA is the XC racing organization there. Tulsa Trail Riders is a local club. OK has a lot of different terrain. East is trees and rocks and elevation. Central can be sandy with good dirt. Western OK can be desert like. It's a pretty good state to live as far as riding goes IMO. You may have to do some driving to get to the trails. Plus, you're close to MO and AR, good riding there.

If you're interested in dual sport or ADV riding. I think you'd find OK pretty good in that aspect also.

I always liked Tulsa, but it's been 20 years since I spent any time there.

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kripple428 kripple428
9/22/2021 4:58 PM

There are a ton of tracks within a few hours of Huntsville. Sand mtn,Mill Creek,Crossbones,cowboy heaven,monster mountain,mclarty and many many more that area is covered up with good tracks

"You must always push the limits. Because if you never fail, you will never succeed.

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jbonemalone jbonemalone
9/22/2021 5:15 PM

Looking like either way I go is gonna be great.

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michriddle109 michriddle109
9/22/2021 5:15 PM

Huntsville area has NATRA which is north Alabama trail riders. Mostly just riding I believe. For racing off-road you have SECCA. They have pretty big turnout for their races. Both should have social media or websites. Like mentioned above several mx tracks to choose from which is what I do. Good MTN biking too if you like that.

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crusher773 crusher773
9/22/2021 7:20 PM

I don't do the XC stuff but there are plenty of places around Tulsa. Several of the moto tracks have put in trails if they have room.

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jbonemalone jbonemalone
9/22/2021 7:38 PM

Well I can’t base my family’s move based solely on moto but Tulsa is definitely my choice!

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Looby321 Looby321
9/23/2021 6:04 AM
jbonemalone wrote:

Well I can’t base my ...more

Just know that both of those towns have high crime rates. Hopefully you will be living outside the area.

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O&GDriller O&GDriller
9/23/2021 9:32 PM

FYI, Reynard's is not open to the public, You do have TMX, Jandebeur's, Budd's Creek, AMP and Twin Hills. A number of these are only open on a very limited schedule. None are even close to the quality of Reynard's but Robbie only lets the public in for a handful of races a year. He utilizes the outdoor track and the SX tracks for his Reynard Training Complex.

TMX and Jandebeur's are the only two open weekly on a set schedule. TMX is decent and fun and the do a good job prepping/watering. Jandebeur's is rideable only after it rains. If not, it leaves a lot to be desired as he doesn't prep/water.

Regarding the Tulsa crime rate, as long as you stay out of North Tulsa there is not an issue. The North side is predominantly black and is where all the crime occurs. In this woke age, I have to add the disclaimer that I'm not being racist, I'm just stating fact.

I'm in the process of moving to Chattanooga for a job and am not happy about leaving Tulsa, I've lived all around the country and while I'm not a Tulsa native I've been here 23 years and love it. It's a great town.

The number one thing I'll miss most leaving Tulsa is riding at Robbie's. I'm a friend of Robbie's and his Dad and ride there every weekend and often one day during the week. I'm a 61 year old vet professional practice rider and I put over 100 hours a year on my bike at Reynard's and it's moto heaven. ALWAYS PERFECT prep and a very safe, challenging, pro level track. Two SX tracks but I'm not skilled enough to ride them and don't have a pro license which he requires to get on one of the SX tracks. It's also fun getting to ride weekly with his pros and the kids he's training. It's been fun getting to know Trey, Bogle, Colt, Austin, Benny, Jimmy Albertson and many other top talent guys that train/ride there.

I'm really sad to be leaving but I need to feed the beast (i.e., put money on the table).

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abomination abomination
9/23/2021 10:24 PM
O&GDriller wrote:

FYI, Reynard's is not open ...more

Why even mention that it’s predominantly black?

I’ve moved but when I was in the area, Jandebeur’s was open like 6 days a week morning until night, and one night a week, so I often had the place to myself. Agreed on lack of prep though.

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profeshenal125 profeshenal125
9/24/2021 6:30 AM
jbonemalone wrote:

Well I can’t base my ...more

Looby321 wrote:

Just know that both of ...more

You never hear about the crime in the south it’s easily the worst in the country. Even in daylight they jump on the truck pounding a gun on the window. They don’t do that in Chicago etc. OKC to Tulsa is all up and down hills should be great riding. Great band in Tulsa called Amped I saw them at a casino in Ok. They had pro fighting also.

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jbonemalone jbonemalone
9/24/2021 9:56 AM
profeshenal125 wrote:

You never hear about the ...more

Currently in central Louisiana so I get it.

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