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10/31/2019 7:24 AM

How many of you guys ride alone? I recently picked up a brand new '17 Alta Redshift MX and have got to go out on it one time so far (it's getting into winter here). Motocross is basically nonexistent in my area and noone here even rides anymore so if you want to go ride dirt bikes, you're riding by yourself. I do bring a backpack with a cell phone but are there any other good rules of thumb or trackers or anything in case shit goes south? I'd like to minimize the chance of becoming diner for a hungry pack of coyotes if possible.


10/31/2019 7:29 AM

Ive ridden alone many times but don't recommend it. If you do, let someone know before you go and if they dont hear from you by an agreed time then they must come looking for you.

I broke my femur at a private track...fortunately I had a buddy with me. This was before cell phones. Needless to say, it was 4 hrs before proper help came.


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10/31/2019 7:34 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/31/2019 7:54 AM

Used to ride alone plenty. Like Boomslang said, let someone know where you are and when they should hear back from you. Also, try to resist the temptation to put in hot laps and focus on TECHNIQUE.

When you're feeling fatigued, don't go out for one last lap/moto as that's when mistakes occur more often than not.


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10/31/2019 7:51 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/31/2019 7:55 AM

It really depends on how remotely you're going and whether or not you have reliable cell coverage. If you don't have reliable cell coverage, you may want to consider getting something like a Garmin inReach: https://explore.garmin.com/en-US/inreach/

If you're injured but alert, you can send a SOS message to get help. It will send along your GPS coordinates so someone can find you. If you're riding in an area that you can't walk out of, I would consider getting one.

I ride alone a lot in the dense forest where it's possible to lose your bike down a steep hillside. I bring a tow strap and a roll of pink marking tape to leave a visual marker if I have to abandon my bike for some reason. Thankfully this has never happened. I've found that my iPhone, even without cell coverage, is a useful tool. The GPS still works, so you can plot your location if the above scenario were to play out. I also use it for georeferenced maps. You can use an app like Avenza for this. Works on iPhone and Android devices with GPS.

Don't ride above your head. You have to be extra cautious when you're alone. Make sure friends and/or family know where you are going.

You're riding an Alta, so it's not like you'll be able to go too, too far smile


10/31/2019 8:00 AM

I ride motocross solo pretty much everytime. I try to know at least 1 person at the track, but have (many times) gone without knowing anybody. I put a "emergency contact" sheet in my truck window and tell anyone pitting left or right of me that it's there in case I get injured. I laminated the sheet and everything lol. I take it mountain biking too and put it in my car window in case I don't make it out. Haven't had issues yet*


10/31/2019 8:03 AM

Jeremy Macbeth wrote:

It really depends on how remotely you're going and whether or not you have reliable cell coverage. If you don't have reliable ...more

That is exactly what I'm looking for!! Thank you!!


10/31/2019 8:26 AM

Depends on what im doing. If i go alone i dont push it and work on corners or something. If it were in the woods far away id probably not go without a buddy.

I think you know the right move to make. Take a friend.


10/31/2019 8:29 AM

The problem with riding alone isn't having a plan or not having the proper gear. The problem is discipline.

The one time you don't make sure someone knows you're going, the one time your phone runs out of battery, the one time you don't take your gear, the one time you give into temptation and push it too hard; that's the time that bites you.

Make a deal with yourself that no matter how much you want to ride, if everything isn't in order then it's a no-go.


10/31/2019 8:39 AM

After crashing while training alone on a friend's very large property (When he was not around) I will never ride alone again. Broke my ribs, collar bone and punctured a lung and had to pick up my mangle bikeand ride back to my car to call my mom to take me to the hospitalsilly .

MX is different as long as there are spectators but yeah, riding alone is dumb.


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10/31/2019 8:57 AM

Switchback indoors is about 100 miles from you in Butler, PA. We try to ride there about every 2 weeks in the winter. Sometimes twice a week. It's a 75 mile drive for us. It sucks driving so far, but it's better than not riding all winter.


10/31/2019 9:01 AM

I make sure I ride at 75% and on sand if possible. Hard to get schedules to synch with other riders. Otherwise, Medic Alert.👍🏻 Photo


10/31/2019 9:09 AM

NEVER ride alone!


10/31/2019 9:11 AM

Perhaps now as a wise man in his late 20’s, this is a no brainer, but when I was 18 and riding alone I never thought to bring water.

It hit me one day when my bike broke down a few miles from home and I had to push it on the hottest day of summer. I got so thirsty I ended up drinking from a puddle that I’m quite sure I’d just seen a frog swimming in.


10/31/2019 9:28 AM

Whoa....finally a topic I'm familiar with! I ride solo quite often all over the west. First, I get my maps in order (Gaia GPS on Iphone and paper backups) and plan the route. Then I give this route info to my wife in case someone does have to come looking for me later.

Bike prep: This is the most important thing. I'm super meticulous about my trail bikes and they are always in top notch condition as I would be pretty salty about being stranded due to poor maintenance. Ensure wheel & linkage bearings/seals are good, brake/clutch fluid fresh, brake pads have life, chain/sprockets and tires are good. Ensure motor is maintained and trustworthy. Large fuel tank (minimum 120 mi range). Bike is fully armored (full length skid, bark busters, rad guards). I've had wheel bearings go AWOL in the woods and unless you're packing extra bearings, seals, punch and seating tool your day is over and it's time for hiking shoes. Not good when the closest source of help is 25 miles away.

Tools: 8,10,12 & 13mm sockets & wrenches, t-handle, axle nut wrench, leatherman, crescent wrench, allen key set, spare master link/clip, tire irons, 21" UHD tube (can be used in the rear if needed), tube patches, Co2 carts/injector (or pony up for mousses and skip all the tire shit), JB weld, extra spark plugs, zip ties, bike recovery system w/ cam lock, silky saw (or chain saw if early season cutting).

Safety: PLB (I use ACR ResQLink and keep it in front vest pocket within arms reach), bear spray attached to outer vest (so I dont have to dig for it in a panic), cell phone/GPS, charger and cord (Battery Tender USB charger connected to bike battery), cash, paper map backup, fresh water filter, lighter, LED flashlight and most importantly ride conservative.

Comfort: extra dry gloves, socks, hand warmers, baklava.

I think that's about it. I've been riding solo in remote places for many years and haven't had any major issues that prevent me from not wanting to continue. I started off pretty conservative riding well used areas near population centers before moving onto more remote riding. I enjoy the hell out of it....I can set my own pace, see whatever sights I want, don't have to worry about others lack of conditioning or bike maintenance and only have myself to keep entertained. I mostly do ride with other people, but I'd say 30% of my riding is solo as people aren't always available when I am or have plans I'm not interested in.

Sometimes I feel like a badass nomad stepping foot where no man has gone before.....until I come up on a remote camp setup by 3 dudes who rode in helmet-less on TTR125's with a hundred pounds of hunting gear. It makes me happy that I'm not the dumbest MF'er out there


10/31/2019 9:36 AM

I rode alone about 80% of the time... Insane to think of doing that today. I did have to pick up the bike and ride home on a compound fractured left arm once. It was 2 weeks before Loretta Lynn's too... I had 2 elbows, imagine getting the bike up, started and in to gear and then riding. Yikes.


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I was fast... But being fast is relative to who else is on the track with you.

With ZachO retired, it's JA21 and AP for me...

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10/31/2019 9:43 AM

I never ride if I'm the only one at the track. If I can't drag someone with me and don't know someone who will be there, I don't go.


10/31/2019 9:44 AM

I ride MX alone pretty much 99.999% of the time since all my buddies have the wife excuse or "I don't want to get hurt I have to make it to work" excuse. My take is that if you anticipate getting hurt when going riding you increase your chances. Its frustrating to get the barrage of excuses I get so I just say eff it and go riding moto. Ive been hurt REAL bad riding by myself at Perris bike 07 CRF250 "honda-bogged" on the face of a big ass double I ended and landed on my head. Broke my sternum in half from my helmet and head collapsing into my chest, broke my t4, t5, and t6 and dislocated my shoulder. Lost feeling below my waist for a few mins it was scary but it came back the sternum was by far the worst. Some people came to help and the Emt was onsite so I was tended to right away. That was one time in 25 years of riding moto.
Now off road in the hills or woods, no I won't ride by myself ever….. Not only is it dangerous, its boring as hell! If I'm gonna be riding by myself which seems to becoming a regular thing these days I'll just hit up a MX track.
Now that I'm living up in Norcal there are some bitchin tracks within 1-2 hours from me. Club Moto but their current layout (if its still the same as last month) absolutely sucks! Theres Argyle mx I'll be going to next time, Diablo MX the old sand hill ranch track, Hangtown and All the tracks 🐾 in Marysville.
My take is if you're riding mx its not too bad riding by yourself I do it all the time but I don't recommend riding off road by yourself.


10/31/2019 9:46 AM

Fourth_Floor wrote:

How many of you guys ride alone? I recently picked up a brand new '17 Alta Redshift MX and have got to go out on it one time ...more

Breitling Emergency

10/31/2019 9:55 AM

Where do you live that nobody rides? Just want to make sure I never move there.


10/31/2019 9:56 AM

GripNRip617 wrote:

Used to ride alone plenty. Like Boomslang said, let someone know where you are and when they should hear back from you. Also, ...more

This is the proper answer.... It is up to you, and i've done it for hundreds of hours... but definitely not the best way.......


Die Antwoord

10/31/2019 10:28 AM

Not worth it. I've done it a bunch and crashed pretty hard at time while alone.

It can get pretty scary when you really get hurt and no one is there to help you. It starts to feel pretty life and death really quick.


10/31/2019 10:50 AM

All great advice, although it seams all this effort would be better spent to actually find a riding buddy.
Surely you can't be the only mx freak in your area?


10/31/2019 11:25 AM

I live in Northwestern Pa (smack dab in between Pittsburgh and Erie). The moto scene here used to be pretty awesome 20 years ago. There were a dozen or so tracks all within an hour and every teenaged or 20 something year old dude rode. I took a long hiatus (10 years) from riding when I started having kids and started my tattoo studio. Fast forward to now, all those tracks are gone and the closest one is about a 2 hour drive. The riding scene here has dwindled down to people riding around on razors shitfaced and even that is starting to dry up due to state game lands fining the shit out of everyone. They will literally fly a helicopter around to communicate with cronies on the ground to catch people riding, it's bananas. The county I live in is 3rd in the whole state for babies born addicted to drugs if that gives any idea to what this area is like.

Perhaps I just need to move haha.


10/31/2019 12:20 PM

It's the same here where I live in Ohio, There use to be all kinds of guys that would jump at the chance to go ride some where. Well they all grew up and I did not so if I don't go by myself I would just have to sell it.


10/31/2019 12:38 PM

I do it on occasion. I usually write my wife's number and my riding # on one of my business cards and explain to the person taking my money if I go down please contact the wife.

I do the same with someone parked close to me. I just walkup introduce myself to explain the situation and tell them I'll leave a card on my dash with an emergency contact.


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10/31/2019 12:47 PM

I hit the track alone sometimes. It’s kind of nice, kind of scary. Know your limits and you’ll be fine


10/31/2019 1:04 PM

If I couldn't ride alone, I couldn't ride.

It does really extend air filter cleaning intervals.


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10/31/2019 1:11 PM

I've put in about a thousand miles a season for the last 6 years straight...
100% alone, no cell service, deep and high in the mountains of Colorado.

Always tell someone where you are going.
The bike and Garmin inReach are your only friends out there.
Also bring any tool you might need to repair your bike on the trail.
Don't ride over your head!


10/31/2019 1:36 PM

A lot of my friends have fell off. AKA they don't ride. Soft asses. Its too hard.

Guess what, ride alone and enjoy what you can only enjoy by yourself. Live free.


10/31/2019 8:26 PM

Lightning78 wrote:

I ride MX alone pretty much 99.999% of the time since all my buddies have the wife excuse or "I don't want to get hurt I have ...more

Have gone the last couple of times alone. Not a fan of it for sure. If you want someone to ride with I am always ready. I am off every Friday, Saturday and Sumday.