Riders wife questions?

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1/12/2022 3:28 AM

Moto76er wrote:

Hey gonna give this a listen. Thanks for sharing. Jocko is very inspiring. Would her husband be Brady Sheren? I remember ...more

rhargrave431 wrote:

Yes its Bradys wife. I can't speak for the jocko pod, but her story on Cleared Hot was crazy!

Moto76er wrote:

Man the Jocko podcast was intense. She is one tough woman. Respect to her and her journey dealing with cptsd.

I haven't listened to the podcast, but I'm just putting it out there that when I looked it up the first things I saw were Reddit threads claiming that what she said is mostly made up, and also it seems Jocko has removed the podcast because of those reasons.


1/12/2022 2:37 PM

Dang sad to see this, where there is smoke…..