Riders getting landed upon observation / suggestion

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2/10/2018 11:33 PM

Is it just me or does it seem like riders getting landed on.... or very close call incidents are happening more frequently than in years past?

It seems to happen during the first lap usually before the pack has had a chance to drop into whatever position they are in.

Maybe its time in the name of safety that the tracks run some alternative configuration that bypasses any triples for the first lap before feeding back into its normal layout which would allow the pack to thin out and give riders that are behind a chance to adjust their lines.... even a foot or so off to one side or the other of the rider ahead of them to hopefully avoid the landing directly upon the other rider.


2/10/2018 11:58 PM

Maybe it would be possible remove the tuff blocks on the double landing? Looked like Justin hugged it far to the left to avoid any contact. If the blocks were removed riders could swerve around the triple landing in situations like that. Maybe? I’ve never been on a SX track so maybe it’s a bad idea.


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