Ride For Route 91

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11/6/2017 8:14 PM

I know this isn't a motorcycle ride but I wanted to share the link to my latest blog from The Route 91 Charity Ride where some of the top moto riders and companies rally'd to raise money for local familes. Riders like Christian Craig, Cooper Webb, Colt Nichols, Jeremy Stenberg, Josh Grant to name a few gave up a Saturday morning to support this event. It's in times like this the moto community is so damn stroing it gives me faith in humanity . My wife and her 4 friends attended the Route 91 concert on October 1st when Sarah and her 5 friends along with 20,000 people went under fire. Shortly after coming home my Wife Sarah's who's longest road ride was only 40 miles wanted to ride 91 miles to help raise money for the victims as well as heal a part of her soul. In 3 weeks the Two Wheel Comunnity rally'd and we were able to raise over $36,000 for families in our community that were effected by the shooting. I want to thank the Moto and Bike community as a whole for all the donations and support as well as the 230 riders that came out to ride. Hit the link below to watch and read the full recap