Ricky Brabec Wins Dakar! - Overall Motorcycle

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1/28/2020 2:47 PM

Bumping this back up because I'm still smiling about this! This is a block that at times I never thought would be toppled by an American. When Kurt died I figured we were set back another 10-15 years before we would have another contender.

Even when Ricky got his first shot 5 years ago, I did not really think he'd get to this level. I figured he had what it took to be a solid guy and on solid teams but I didn't know if he had this elite level....boy did he surprise me! It's been amazing to follow this journey and to see someone absolutely dedicate themself to their craft and have it pay off in spades is pretty damn inspiring!

I've followed this race for 25 years and been pretty close to some of the top American efforts at times, even donated my own hard earned cash to fund an effort that saw an American win a stage before. I love this race, it's one of the greatest adventures and greatest motorsport events on earth all in one, the pointy end of the pack on the bikes are some of the baddest dudes alive, period. It makes me so proud that we can now say an American has conquered it.

Thank you Ricky, your hard work paid off and so many of us are so proud of you! You are forever a LEGEND, and you sure as hell EARNED that title!