Rhys Burnett dies after motocross crash at Western Australian championship round

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9/17/2019 4:21 AM


The WA motocross community is in mourning after the death of a rising star Rhys 'Roo' Burnett during a competition at the weekend.

Burnett was competing in the final round of the state championships in Manjimup, in the south west of Western Australia on Sunday when he crashed. The teenager was airlifted to Royal Perth Hospital where he later died from his injuries.

Coach and friend Luke Davis said Burnett was in the lead when the crash happened.
"He got the holeshot — which means he came out of the first corner in first place and he was leading the whole pack," he said.
Mr Davis said the crash was no-one's fault. "We all saw what happened — it was just a typical race incident. He had all his protective gear on," he said

Photo: Rhys Burnett, left, with his coach and friend Luke Davis celebrating a win. (Supplied: Jack Foley)

A rising talent taken too soon. Mr Davis said 2018 was a stand-out year for the future star.
Burnett took out two state title classes in 2018 and placed sixth at the Australian junior motocross championships in Tasmania.

This year, the teenager moved to senior competition, but Mr Davis said it did not faze him. "He was just a natural, he would try anything. He was one of the best kids that I ever had the privilege of coaching."

"All he ever wanted to do was make me proud, make his parents proud and he did a damn good job at it," he said. 'This could happen crossing the street'

Photo: Luke Davis says Rhys Burnett died doing what he loved. (Supplied: Jack Foley)

The event was being run by Motorcycling Western Australia, the governing body for motor sports in WA.
In a statement the association thanked the first responders who supported the rider and said Burnett was a much-loved member of the motocross community. Luke Davis said despite this incident, the industry and this race was safe. "This is motocross and you never know what can happen. But at the same time it can happen on a footy oval, on a cricket field, it can happen crossing the street. At least he was doing something that he loved," he said.

Police will prepare a report for the coroner.


9/17/2019 4:32 AM

RIP man. Growing up I never heard of so many people dying from crashes, but now it seems like every couple of weeks there's another. Sucks big time. God speed sir.


9/17/2019 4:37 AM

Very sad and a big shock to the WA motocross community. Rip Rhys


9/17/2019 4:37 AM

Growing up, we didn't have the internet to allow these tributes to everyday folk. Those sorts of things were reserved for the rich and famous.

God speed. RIP. Ride on Roo ✊


9/17/2019 4:50 AM



9/17/2019 4:58 AM

rip kid

any idea of what actually happened though? did he make contact with someone or was it just a case of getting swapped out and going over the bars?


9/17/2019 5:44 AM

Sending positive vibes, and prayers.


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9/17/2019 5:58 AM

RIP young man


9/17/2019 6:20 AM

RIP man


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9/17/2019 7:34 AM

Sorry to hear of this loss for the Aussie Moto family.


Out here in the fields, I fight for my meals. I get my back into my living. I don't need to fight, to prove I'm right. I don't need to be forgiven.

9/17/2019 7:53 AM

damn.... rip


9/17/2019 8:10 AM

Prayers to his family - RIP.


9/17/2019 8:52 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/17/2019 8:53 AM

Heartbreaking news, condolences to his Family and friends.


9/17/2019 3:38 PM

RIP Roo. God Bless his friends and family. Holeshot to Heaven 🙏


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9/17/2019 4:21 PM

Our kind thoughts to his family and friends.


9/17/2019 4:40 PM

Very sad to hear,RIP Rhys


9/17/2019 4:56 PM

Just so sad....


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9/17/2019 5:12 PM

Rest in peace, brother.


9/17/2019 5:28 PM

Terrible news over here in the west. Didn't know him personally, but the tributes pouring out have been amazing. Sounds like he was a top kid to be around and a real emerging talent.

Like the article says, life can be taken crossing the street.

Do what you love, take all possible per-cautionary measures, accept the risk, and enjoy it to the fullest.

RIP mate.


9/17/2019 7:16 PM

Seen a Facebook post about this yesterday. Can’t find it now. The Dad said it was a head injury I believe and that he couldn’t come back from it. Roo was an organ donor, so they are searching for suitable recipients.


9/18/2019 12:01 AM

Oh man! Sucks to hear! I feel for his family and friends


why am I reading this? ..... Oh christ, now I'm posting...... shiiiiiiiit!!

9/18/2019 2:19 AM

Rip young fella


9/19/2019 12:16 AM

RIP young man.
Way too young
My thoughts to All your Family and Friends.