Redbud MXoN Camping WANTED

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9/4/2018 7:30 AM

So like the idiot I am, I waited to buy a camping pass until the week after they sold out... (was waiting to see if people in our group were for sure going or not, shoulda just bought and figured it out later), so now we are without any camping pass. I emailed Redbud to see if anymore camping would become available at a later date and was told no, but I was added to the alternate list. I’m like mid-20’s on the list so I don’t know how promising that is. Is redbud offering any incentive for people to let them know if they can’t make it or not, so they can let alternates know if they are able to make it or not?

So with that, we are looking for anyone who has a pass that can’t make it or maybe has an extra they’d be willing to sell. We have a camper, but if anyone has a tent camping pass we would buy that as well. This will be a bachelor party so we are really hoping to get something lined up early enough so we know how to plan and what to bring. I looked on Craigslist to see if anyone has any passes for sale but nothing yet. If anyone has a lead on anything, let me know. If worse comes to worse, we may camp at a local camp ground and just drive, but would be willing to pay more to be at the track for the weekend.

Hope to see y’all up there!