RedBud Newbies.. How Was It?

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7/4/2017 8:19 AM

Remember seeing a handful of members on here saying it'd be the first time they've attended the national.

How was it?


7/4/2017 9:54 AM

Best US National I've been to...ever.

The infrastructure and all the prep they put into the facilities...simply excellent. The people are nice. The bleachers in the mid-field were excellent. I bought a seat for $5 and could see virtually all of the track (95%).

Staying in South Bend was excellent, too. Good hotels, great restaurants and sights.

One can only hope rumors of an MXON are true.


I ripped a start from Egypt and I was happy about that.

7/4/2017 1:15 PM


7/4/2017 4:11 PM

Last year was my first time but this year I bought pit passes. I will continue to do so. Redbuuuud!!!


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7/4/2017 4:24 PM

Having it 4th of July weekend is a big part of making it a happening race.

However, the owners have worked hard at all the details of the facility and put lots of money back into it. Red Bud does a great job.