Red Bull Signature Series-Erzberg today @ 2 pm ET

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9/2/2018 7:01 AM

For those into the extreme, the Erzberg Rodeo/Red Bull Hare Scramble is on FS1 at 2 pm ET today! (Sunday)


9/2/2018 8:16 AM

Thx bro, set the DVR. cool


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9/2/2018 9:19 AM

This past year was epic. No spoilers but hard enduro really shows there can still be sportsmanship in sports.


9/2/2018 9:30 AM



9/2/2018 11:29 AM

Watching now with the top guys going through “Carl’s Dinner,” and I don’t understand how they do it, riding through these boulders. And I feel like I would gash the pipe on a rock almost immediately.


9/2/2018 12:33 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/2/2018 12:33 PM

Warning! Spoilers below from the Red Bull Hare Scramble Erzberg Rodeo 2018. You've been warned but I wanted to add right much missing from the Signature Series recap. If you have watched the show or know the results scroll down for some extra notes on the race.

Epic ride by the Silent Assassin. Again!

Some footnotes from the race for those interested. What they didn't cover is that Taddy actually had to change the header pipe on his bike and he dropped way back but still fought for an 8th place finish. Bravo.

Also, if you don't like youngsters Billy Bolt and Manuel Lettenbichler after watching this race then I don't get you. Billy, not once, but twice, assisted both Manni and Wade up Green Hell. Then Manni, who was IN THE LEAD, got to a clear section where his bike wouldn't impede the other competitors and put his bike down to go back to assist Billy. He potentially gave up the win but that is true sportsmanship and one of the key ingredients as to what makes Hard Enduro such a great sport, along with the ridiculous talent level as well.

Something else that wasn't covered in the recap is once Manni helped Billy to get up Green Hell and Billy finally cleared this nightmare section...well, then Billy made an error and slid back down into Green Hell. That is why he was back down there after he had cleared it. Then he and Wade had to help each other.

Meanwhile, 43 year old Jarvis just picks his line and goes up it by himself, pretty effortlessly. Crazy.

This was another epic Erzberg. It is no where close to being my favorite Hard Enduro event...that goes to Red Bull Romaniacs, quite easily....but Erzberg is the most popular and quite a challenge, to say the least. Green Hell and Carl's Diner(or Dinner) are both absolutely treacherous.

Love this stuff. And I'm very fortunate to have gotten to know a few of the heavyweights in Hard Enduro. Andreas Lettenbichler...hearing how big of a fan and supporter I was...actually sent me a signed jersey from The Tough One. And I'm actually speaking with Paul Bolton about doing a possible Hard Enduro podcast. These guys are extreme talents as well as just really cool people as well.