Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team Dirk Gruebel comment on electronics

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10/23/2017 1:33 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/23/2017 3:20 AM

Technical director of Redbulls KTM mx 2 manager made some interesting points when he talked about the 450 factory KTM.

In terms of architecture, is it a relatively simple bike? If you compare it to something like the Honda for example …
“Ours is a pure Motocross bike. Honda are transforming theirs into high-tech toys with lots of sensors and electronics. We have also started that but it takes its time and we don’t have as much experience as Honda coming from the road race side. Of course, we have also started that project [MotoGP]! Which helps us in terms of electronics but there is still a long way to go and I don’t know how much of it you can really implement in offroad. It is a question mark. People have been trying for a while and we have also seen the Honda doing some weird stuff and I remember the crash with [Gautier] Paulin in Mexico where nobody could quite figure out how it happened. It [electronics] still has a chink in offroad because nobody knows how water and changing lines and terrain can have an influence. It is a different playground to asphalt. For sure we need to step things up a bit but we are in a good way and I think we have one of the best packages out there.”

Tony said at Glen Helen at the end of 2015 that he only came back to test and was working on electronics and chassis so that area must have been work in progress for quite a while …
“We were trying a holeshot device – that is now even on stock bikes – but to be honest he doesn’t use it. He just uses a normal setup. I think it helps to a certain point but if you are a good starter like Tony is then there was always something he didn’t like about the device. Some guys are better at judging it themselves. I’m not 100% convinced about the electronics out there at the moment and that is why we have less on the bike compared to some Japanese companies.”


10/23/2017 4:47 AM

Interesting thanks for sharing.