Red Bull Hard Enduro "Nuts & Boltons"! Cool...I made it into the series. (Sorta)

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10/2/2019 8:04 AM

If you guys haven't checked this vlog series out, please do. Red Bull, Paul Bolton and Mani Lettenbichler do an awesome job at showing you an inside look at the entire WESS series. And in this one I actually got a very, very small mention. Hey, cool. Thanks, Bolts and Mani!

In addition to a killer tour of Mani's work shop, Paul gives a run thru his new race van and every moto fan will enjoy a great tour of the Akrapovich factory tour where he gets to see MotoGP bikes, Taddy's 111 bike and RD5 and JS7's Supercross winning bikes as well as how the carbon fiber stuff is made, first hand. Cool stuff!


10/2/2019 8:20 AM

I've had the chance to work a little with Mani at the last two TKOs. Genuine really cool guy. I wish more US based offroad guys would do stuff like this. I think it goes a long way getting more eyes on offroad and show off their personalities.


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10/2/2019 9:16 AM

Thanks for posting!

Just love the boot dryers.


10/2/2019 9:34 AM

Yeah, Paul's van is trick. He's the privateer that strikes fear into the hearts of the factory riders. And he's doing pretty well for himself with all his support sponsors and Red Bull. Can't wait to have him back at the races.