Recluse Core EXP3.0 on a 250f

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11/1/2017 7:37 PM

Anyone put one of these on a 250f?
What's your experience, worth doing, power loss, pro's Vs Cons?
Asking because I've been offered a very lightly used one at a super price.


"Nothing happens until something moves"

11/1/2017 8:44 PM

I've run them in the past. But after some issues with slipping during a race, slight power loss, also I felt like it slipped when I was in deep loam or mud. I switched back to normal Hinson manual clutch.

The Rekluse has some advantage if you feel like you stall often, brake tap in the air and when it's set up correctly there's some amazing traction. I just didn't feel the advantag outweighed the problems I came across.