Recap / advice vivo active 3 auto record laps then sync to litpro

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6/25/2022 12:12 PM

Probably a repeated question, but would be grateful if someone could advise step by step the procedure

I want to auto ecord my lap times

Firstly, is it the F3b motorsport setting, ifso I guess just press start and off you go, then stop when done

See pics of where I think I should be at on the watch



6/25/2022 12:51 PM

F3b will take your laptimes per position (start you watch at track, place that you go near other lane) and you will see laptimes at
My sync to litpro was working sometimes and others not. After their update january it stopped working all together and had to delete who litpro app.


6/25/2022 3:33 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/25/2022 3:33 PM

My son said litpro went to a subscription deal and he is pissed about it. He used it a lot and now he can't. We haven't looked hard at another option. He said he has been using the bike setting it at least shows you where you are fast and slow.