Reason SX was moved from Chase Field to University of Phoenix Stadium

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5/4/2015 10:19 AM

Today they announced that the Cactus Bowl has been moved from Sun Devil stadium to Chase Field due to renovations. This is probably the reason why they can't have SX there this year.

Supercross would have been 7 days after the bowl game which would be a really tough task with the natural grass. They would have to remove the sod from the field in time for supercross. They may even be doing their yearly re-sod before the football game which means that the supercross would be impossible because you can't re-sod twice, too much money. They can't move the date to the new Glendale date because that would be too late in the year to have the field ready for baseball season.

So it looks like the move to Glendale had a good reason. I think it could be a good thing anyways. If they don't install the temp bleachers where the field tray rolls out, that gives them a lot more room than a conventional football stadium.


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5/4/2015 11:40 AM

Well, almost no matter what, the pits at the Glendale stadium will be better than at the downtown baseball stadium.


5/4/2015 1:32 PM

They don't take the grass out, they put plywood over it.


5/4/2015 1:41 PM
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leakypipe23 wrote:

They don't take the grass out, they put plywood over it.

Maybe in some years, but most years they re-sod the field. Maybe that's just the infield and not the entire field I don't know but I do know they do remove the at least the in-field sod and the field conditioner, laser level the clay base, then install new sod and field conditioner.

I could see them trying to make the outfield last for a few years but i'm not sure. I can also see them just removing the sod after the season so they do not have to pay a grounds crew and pay for operating costs to open and close the roof constantly. Having grass in an in-door stadium is a lot more expensive and labor intensive than normal grass.

I know Anaheim replaces their grass every year, they install it after supercross and monster jam. When you plywood over the grass it's a bit of a gamble you can take all the precautions but it's never guaranteed the grass will look great afterwards. I've seen this first hand as a member of a AAA grounds crew when I was in college. We put ply-wood in the outfield for a stage during all star weekend and they didn't remove it in 24 hours like they were supposed to and we ended up having to paint the dead grass green until the team had a road trip long enough to replace the sod.


5/4/2015 6:55 PM

GuyB wrote:

Well, almost no matter what, the pits at the Glendale stadium will be better than at the downtown baseball stadium.

Good enough reason for me!


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5/4/2015 7:01 PM

All I kmow is walking 3 blocks to our "usual" place for dinner ain't gonna happen.



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5/4/2015 7:16 PM
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UOP Stadium is a good change. Bigger, newer facility. Football stadium rather than baseball, so they have more room to work with (and the football field literally rolls out of the stadium so its just a concrete base, no limitations due to sod concerns).

They just held the biggest sporting event in the world there a few months ago, the second time the Superbowl has been to that facility. It was a huge success. Yes many of the NFL pre-game events were downtown Phoenix and Scottsdale, but that was mostly the fault of stubborn and inept Glendale City Council dimwits who didn't want to bend to the NFL.

No, it's not downtown so there are somewhat less hotels and bars/restaurants within walking distance.

Google Westgate, that is the entertainment venue next to the stadium (which also hosts the Coyote's hockey arena next door). Dozens of nice bars and restaurants, 4 hotels within walking distance and dozens more nearby. And located right off a major freeway with easy access points all around.

Park West, Arrowhead Mall, P83, and a new casino under construction a mile away (that is being sued left and right but they keep winning the court battles and keep building the first phase) add at least a hundred food/ drink and hotel options within a few miles.

And like the boss said, the pits will be much larger and easier to access.


5/4/2015 7:23 PM

Baseball stadiums like Anaheim kill the grass and cover it for 6 weeks. then reseed or resod and grow it for the baseball season


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5/4/2015 7:39 PM

I think it will be nice over in Glendale, I just don't like how far out there it is for us East Valley guy's


5/4/2015 8:11 PM

great move in my opinion lots of parking lots of restaurants maybe the new casino will be open by thensmile